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Omegatanks are spiked variations of the Megatanks that only appear in Code Lyoko: Fall of X.A.N.A. and Code Lyoko: Quest for Infinity. The Omegatank fires no lasers and is only seen in the game. To defeat it, go to the edge of the platform and it will roll towards the player. The player has to move away and let the Omegatank roll over the edge in order to destroy it. These can be hard to defeat because sometimes they stop before they roll off the edge of the terrain.

In The Fall of X.A.N.A., they are seen very late in game and are rather dangerous with their Hand to Hand attack to begin with but like in its latter appearance, it's the only attack it really has.

"Omega", the first part of its name, means power, this monster being more powerful than average.

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