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Nicholas Poliakoff is a student at Kadic Academy. He is a member of Sissi's gang, and mostly just stands there staring into space unless Sissi orders him to follow her. He is the stereotypical dumb, muscle kind of bully. It is still unknown why exactly Nicholas joined Sissi's "gang", but it is probably due to the fact Herb did. Nicholas also has a crush on Aelita, but has rarely acted on it. He once tried asking her on a date in Replika, asking her if she wanted to spend time with him in "a fantastic and breath-taking experience in the moonlight", which turned out to be fishing in the river by the Factory. She said yes to spite Odd, but then later lied to turn him down by saying she had a test to study for.

He can play the drums and is in the Pop Rock Progressives, a band started by Odd. As a result, he is certainly more tolerant of and kinder toward the Lyoko Warriors than Herb and Sissi are. Nicholas is also easy to scare, as is Herb.


In X.A.N.A. Awakens, it was revealed that he and Herb started a fan club for Sissi.

In The Chips Are Down, Nicholas got possessed by X.A.N.A. and made him knock out Jeremie in order to deactivate the scanners so the Lyoko Warriors would feel immense pain when they get shot by X.A.N.A.'s monsters.

In Attack of the Zombies, it is revealed that Nicholas watches too many horror movies, and therefore has a good picture of zombie motives and weaknesses. Ironically, he even became a zombie himself.

In Echoes, he and Herb were rejected by Sissi. She referred to them as "dorks".


Nicholas is shown to act like the stereotypical dumb Jock. Evidence from most episodes show that Nicholas can be violent given the right situations. He has an extremely strange sense of humor. Nicholas is Herb's best friend, and therefore usually agrees with him in arguments and follows his lead, similar to Skull on Power Rangers when he is with Bulk.

In Attack of the Zombies, it is revealed that Nicholas watches a lot of  horror movies, and therefore has a good picture of zombie motives and weaknesses.  While Nicholas does not look it, he can be pretty brave, as he and Herb have explored the factory many times and has made the jump using the hanging ropes. When Odd formed his band in season 1, Nicholas is shown to be an excellent drummer and joins Odd's band, to Odd's anger. Nicholas is shown to be protective of his friend Herb. 

Relationships with other characters

It is shown in some episodes in season 2 and the game Quest for Infinity that he has a crush in Aelita.

Nicholas and Herb constantly play pranks on Odd, in which Odd usually gets back at them by the end of the episode, but besides their pranking they seem to somewhat enjoy their company. 

Nicholas seems to be one of Herb's only friends at the school. They seem to get along like to peas in a pod, despite having completely different personalities and interests. For reference, where Herb excels in class, Nicholas excels in sports. While Herb can be described as timid, Nicholas is shown as brave. Sometimes, whenever Herb feels insulted by something Nicholas said, he would roll up his sleeves and try threatening him by saying "I dare you to say that again", to which Nicholas responds by knocking Herb out with a punch to the face.

Nicholas is shown to have very little interest in being in Sissi's gang; from this fact it can be reasoned that the only reason that Nicholas hanged out with Sissi was that he wanted to be with his friend Herb. Nicholas is usually against being with Sissi, and is shown to be unhappy while helping her. In Echoes, he and Herb are rejected by Sissi; she referred to them as "dorks". Nicholas is the only person in Sissi's gang who is not openly hostile to Jeremie, as well as the Lyoko Warriors. While he is not openly hostile towards the gang, he will laugh at them if they ask a dumb question or mess up during class.

Nicholas and Herb constantly play pranks on Jim, much to his dislike. One instance was in Nobody in Particular, where Jim (under the possession of Ulrich's brain while it was separated from his body) slipped on a bar of soap Nicholas placed in front of his door.


Nicholas is a French and English variant of the Greek given name Nikolaos (Νικολαος), which loosely translates to "victorious soldier". Poliakoff is a French variant of the Russian patronym Polyakova (Полякова), with translates to "son of Paul". Saint Nicholas is also a saint venerated in the Eastern Orthodox Church, the most common religious denomination in Russia.


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  • He occasionally likes to ask people if they would like to have a "Fantastic and breathtaking experience in the moonlight tonight" as shown in Replika and Kadic Bombshell. That particular "experience" is fishing under the bridge which leads to the Factory. Apparently people must think he is annoying whenever he says that, because in Kadic Bombshell, when he was asking Brynja this question, in midsentence, another kid said "shut up, Poliakoff."
  • In the French version of Code Lyoko, his voice is provided by Carole Baillien, as is Sissi's voice.
  • In the Spanish, European dialect, dub, he was voiced by Javier Balas in season 1. However, his actor changed from season 2 onward.
  • In the Polish version, he was voiced by Krzysztof Szczerbiński.
  • He is an excellent drummer.
  • According to Sissi in Bad Connection, Nicholas did something to Mrs. Hertz's hamsters, as she blackmailed him when he was laughing at her, threatening to tell the whole school.
  • Neither Nicholas nor Herb were supposed to be included in Code Lyoko Evolution. However, Nicholas does make a cameo appearance in Chaos at Kadic.[1][2]