Music To Soothe the Savage Beast is the 24th episode of Season 4, and the 89th episode of Code Lyoko.


The episode begins with Odd complaining to Ulrich about being unable to get a ticket to the Subdigitals concert that night. Ulrich then points out that Aelita is definitely more nervous about tonight as she is the opening act. Feeling nervous, Aelita heads to help Jeremie with the new program he is working on. Jeremie reassures Aelita that Yumi, Ulrich, and Odd will be listening and cheering her on. When Aelita asks Jeremie if he'll come too, he says he has to finish coding the program and run a few errands. Aelita gives Jeremie his ticket and leaves torn.

Meanwhile Odd has tried getting tickets from Hiroki to no avail and ends up making a deal with Sissi. Later that night, Odd's plan blows up in his face when he sees Yumi with Ulrich, the resulting interaction resulting with Odd's date leaving. When Aelita is about to go on stage, X.A.N.A. activates a tower. A possessed show manager then kidnaps Aelita and heads towards the Factory. Jeremie calls the group and tells them of the attack. Yumi and Odd go after Aelita leaving Ulrich to deal with the X.A.N.A.-fied Milly and Tamiya. X.A.N.A. has Aelita virtualized into the mountain sector. Yumi and Odd soon follow. When the two arrive William is going after Aelita. They take on William and Aelita is left fighting a Manta. Meanwhile, the unconscious show manager breaks her constraints and goes after Jeremie. Odd and Yumi successfuly take out William at the cost of Yumi being devirtualized. Odd then takes care of the Manta. Aelita deactivates the tower and Jeremie, getting up from being attacked, quickly runs a Return to the Past. The episode ends with the whole group at the concert and everyone enjoying themselves.


  • The original French name for this episode is Il est sensé d'être insensé.


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