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Mr. Stern and Mrs. Stern are Ulrich's parents. Their first names are unknown.


Ulrich's father was highly intelligent in school, having straight A's and already preparing his college application when he was Ulrich's age. He later became a businessman that afforded his family an upper middle class lifestyle.[1][2]

As a result of his success, Ulrich's father has similarly high expectations for Ulrich. He's shown to be unsympathetic towards his son however, who doesn't get good grades, and in Odd's words: "if you're not first in everything, you're nothing in his book". He has little restraint in his criticisms of Ulrich, telling him one time "you disappointed me again as usual, Ulrich". He's shown to be judgmental, as he suspects his son's friends as a cause of his poor grades in Final Round, later calling them a "gang of good-for-nothings" in Distant Memory despite having never met them. As Ulrich is good at sports, Odd says the only time Ulrich makes his dad happy is when he plays soccer.

Nothing is known of Ulrich's mom's background. According to Odd, Ulrich never talks about his mom, theorizing "I don't think she talks about him either".[3] She nonetheless seems to be more caring and sympathetic to her child than her husband.

It's implied they live not far from Kadic, as they drove to pick their son up for the holidays in Distant Memory and Ulrich was able to run from his house to Kadic in Holiday in the Fog. Ulrich and them rarely see each other despite that, with Ulrich saying in Final Round that he hadn't spoken to his father in a year, likely referring to Zero Gravity Zone. According to Ulrich, his father is "more stressed out than ever" around the holidays, which makes his mom "hysterical".

They were almost killed in Zero Gravity Zone when X.A.N.A. had taken over Earth's gravity and was about to propel them, along with Ulrich, into the stratosphere, but Jeremie activated a Return to the Past just in time to save them. Before that happened, Mr. Stern did admit to Ulrich that he's proud of him.


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