Mr. Stern and Mrs. Stern are Ulrich's parents. Their first names are unknown.


Together, they have only appeared in the episodes Zero Gravity Zone, attending their son's soccer game, and to pick him up for vacation in Distant Memory.

Ulrich's father is especially hard to please, since he has high expectations of his son and often complains about his "imperfection".

His mother, however, is more caring and sympathetic towards her child. They were almost killed in Zero Gravity Zone when X.A.N.A. had taken over Earth's gravity and was about to propel them, along with Ulrich, into the stratosphere, but Jeremie activated a Return to the Past just in time to save them. Before that happened, Mr. Stern did admit he's proud of Ulrich. This suggests he only sought to motivate his son.

Ulrich's father later made a second appearance in Final Round. He was apparently mad at his son for his poor grades and accused his friends of being a bad influence. However, Ulrich defended himself and his friends by saying his father doesn't know them or him, the latter by them haven't spoken with each other in over a year.

He also makes another appearance in Distant Memory with his wife to pick up Ulrich at the start of the school break. He again yells at Ulrich about his bad academic performance and his friends.

It is hinted that, by looking at the business suit, the fact that the house is quite ornate, the fact that Ulrich has a math tutor, and Mr. Stern's "I'm the one paying and you're costing me a small fortune" line in Final Round, that the Sterns are very wealthy, though unlike Sissi, it appears Ulrich rejects this lifestyle.

In the French version of Code Lyoko, Mrs. Stern's voice is provided by Carole Baillien, and Mr. Stern's by Bruno Mullenaerts.


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  • According to Ulrich, Mr. Stern requires "happy pills" to calm his aggressive manner.