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Akiko and Takeho

Mr. Takeho Ishiyama and Mrs. Akiko Ishiyama are Yumi and Hiroki's parents from Kyoto, Japan. They are of Japanese descent and are usually loving parents. They often worry about their daughter and her late nights out as seen in Exploration and A Great Day. This theme is revisited throughout the series. Their relationship is, at times, rocky, and they can be seen bickering during the series. They even once temporarily separated in Laughing Fit, but they get back together thanks to Yumi and Ulrich.

In The Chips Are Down, Mr. Ishiyama had lost his job and the family almost moved back to Kyoto, Japan, but he found another job and they were able to stay in France.

Akiko Ishiyama is apparently attached to her wardrobe, and would not leave for vacation in Holiday in the Fog without her favorite clothes. In fairness, this includes a set of antique samurai armor that Yumi brought to school to tell about her culture and traditions in The Girl of the Dreams.

They have had a rather shaky marriage, often getting into heated arguments. Mrs. Ishiyama has commented that she shouldn't have married a man from Tokyo.

In the French version of Code Lyoko, Mr. Takeho Ishiyama's voice was either provided by Mathieu Moreau or Frederic Meaux. Mrs. Akiko Ishiyama was either voiced by Alexandra Correa or Nathalie Stas. The information as to who plays who is disputed. In English, he was played by David Gasman. In English, she was played by Jodi Forrest.

In the Polish version of Code Lyoko, Mr. Takeho Ishiyama was voiced by Cezary Kwieciński and Mrs. Akiko Ishiyama was voiced by Elżbieta Kopcińska-Bednarek.


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