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Mr. and Mrs. Della Robbia are the parents of Odd and his sisters Adele, Elizabeth, Marie, Pauline and Louise.

Their first and only appearance is in Bad Connection, when they come to Kadic to see the screening of their son's film.


Mr. and Mrs. Della Robbia are from Italy and both come from a family of artists.[1][2] Mr. Della Robbia is an opera singer and is almost always on stage performing. Mrs. Della Robbia is a script supervisor and usually somewhere else in the world on a film set.

The two had 6 children together, with Odd being the youngest and their only son. From an early age they instilled in their children an instinct of curiosity and empowerment.[2] They're very supportive of their kids and love talking positively about them, proudly telling Mr. Delmas about how Odd took apart a stereo when he was two and how he could've put it back together if he were older. From Code Lyoko's bible, "of the [five] members of the group, Odd has the best relationship with his parents". Despite that, Odd finds this frustrating, wishing they could argue sometimes so he could feel like a normal teenager.

As a result of their jobs, the two are always travelling and rarely at home. According to Odd, he almost never sees his parents and was raised by his sisters.[3] Their busy schedules ultimately lead them to enroll Odd as a boarder at Kadic shortly before the prequel.[2]


Season Four


  • Despite Odd being very short, his parents are quite tall.
  • In the Polish version of Code Lyoko, Mr. Della Robbia was voiced by Paweł Galia and Mrs. Della Robbia was voiced by Joanna Węgrzynowska-Cybińska.
  • Their first names are unknown in the show, but in the alternate continuity Code Lyoko Chronicles books they're called Marguerite and Robert.