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Mr. and Mrs. Della Robbia are the parents of Odd and Adele, Marie, Pauline and Louise. Their first and only appearance is in Bad Connection, when they come to Kadic to see the screening of their son's film. According to Odd, they never find any fault in anything he does, which angers him to an extent. They seem fairly young. They always talk very fondly about their son, which he finds annoying and wishes that they would fight about something so he would feel like a normal teen. This is in sharp contrast with Ulrich, who wants the opposite from his parents. They were possessed by X.A.N.A. in Bad Connection and they nearly pushed him off the roof of the school. A Return to the Past undid this and the second time around Odd was more appreciative of his parents.

They have six children with Odd as their only son. Their five daughters are named Adele, Elizabeth, Pauline, Marie, and Louise.


Season Four


  • Despite Odd being very short, his parents are quite tall.
  • Odd has blond hair even though both of his parents seem to be dark-haired. It's possible that he dyed his hair because of its purple parts.
  • Mr. Della Robbia is an opera singer, and Mrs. Della Robbia is a script supervisor. Both are often traveling the world wherever their work takes them. As such, Odd was primarily raised by his five elder sisters, Adele, Elizabeth, Marie, Pauline and Louise.
  • In the original French version, Mrs. Della Robbia was voiced by Alexandra Correa.
  • In the Polish version of Code Lyoko, Mr. Della Robbia was voiced by Paweł Galia and Mrs. Della Robbia was voiced by Joanna Węgrzynowska-Cybińska.
  • Their first names are unknown in the show, but in the novels they are called Marguerite and Robert.