The Mountain Sector is one of the four surface sectors of Lyoko.

The mountains of the Mountain Sector are shrouded in fog, there is more fog covering the Digital Sea. This sector is filled with moving pieces and narrow pathways. Due to this, it can be hard to find towers. In Season 1, the Mountains are a different color, being a dull and dark shade of purple. Normally, when towers are activated in this sector, Bloks and Hornets guard them because they have the advantage in this sector.

Appearances by the Scyphozoa and other monsters have happened as well. Sometimes, when the Lyoko Warriors jump off a platform, they are found in a different part of the sector. This sector was destroyed by Aelita by entering the Code X.A.N.A. in the way tower in Double Trouble, being the last of the first 4 sectors to survive.

Vegetation is very rare, in the form of sparsely populated pine and bonsai trees. In the first season, apart from the trees, the Mountain Sector also featured scattered roots on the platforms and rocks here and there.


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Appearances in other Media

Video Games

In Quest for Infinity, the Mountain Sector has numerous puzzles and platforms that must be navigated. Many of the passages and platforms are relatively small, and thus hard to navigate. Krabs are rare in the Mountain Sector due to the geography, but do occur. On the other hand, Hornets are extremely common. Bloks and Kankrelats are as common as they are in the show.

Monsters Seen

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Code Lyoko - The Mountain Sector (Season 2-4)

Most of the Mountain Sector are medium-sized platforms connected by many narrow pathways which are purple in color. Those pathways usually are very long but they always lead to another platform. But as the name says, the Mountain Sector is full of many rock formations which differ in size and big mountains that float in this sector. Another important part of the landscape is the permanent and thick fog which can be seen on the peaks or platforms. The Lyoko Wires are very rarely seen in this sector and the Towers can be sometimes cleverly hidden among the mountains.


Code Lyoko - The Mountain Sector - Mountains

The Mountain Sector contains a large amount of the mountains and rocks which can be found in every part of this sector and all of them differ in size - from small to enormous ones. Most of them are inaccessible without the vehicles or Super Smoke and serve as the decoration. However, their importance changes during aerial pursuits. The Heroes use them as the cover from Hornets or Mantas attacks – just like Aelita did in A Bad Turn against the group of Hornets. One of the towers in this sector is set high up on the big mountain. The mountains found on the plateaus can be also used as the hiding spots. The background features large peaks which are covered by the thick fog.


Code Lyoko - The Mountain Sector - Tunnels

The tunnels in the Mountain Sector are similar to those in the Ice Sector but they are more dangerous due to the fact that they are full of obstacles like sticking out rocks which can easily hurt both the heroes and the monsters. In A Bad Turn the Hornet bumped into a sticking rock and exploded. The tunnels in this sector are always found within one big mountain and they don’t allow the heroes to move onto another platform.


Code Lyoko - The Mountain Sector - Caves

This sector also features many caves found in some of the mountains. They can be used as the hiding spots from patrolling monsters as Aelita used it in X.A.N.A. Awakens, Part 2 to hide from two Hornets. However, the caves can be also used by other monsters to surprise the heroes (e.g. the Scyphozoa in A Great Day).


Code Lyoko - The Mountain Sector - Labyrinths
Code Lyoko - The Mountain Sector - Labyrinths (Evolution)

Two plateaus of the Mountain Sector possess a labyrinth. And as the name suggests they are very difficult to navigate without the help of Jeremie as Odd and Aelita got lost in it in Laughing Fit.

The second labyrinth seen in Rendezvous was used by William and Odd to hide from patrolling Kankrelats. This labyrinth, however, was much easier to navigate as the Tower was in the center of it and all ways ended in the center.

Moving Platforms

Code Lyoko - The Mountain Sector - Moving Platforms

The unique element of the Mountain Sector are the moving platforms which makes reaching the towers without using the vehicles extremely difficult. Yumi almost fell into the Digital Sea when one platform suddenly moved aside but she managed to grab another one beneath it in Killer Music.


Code Lyoko - The Mountain Sector - Rocks

Apart from the big mountains, the are many rock formations found in the whole sector which differ from each other by height, type and so on – but they are placed on the main platforms. Like other elements in the Mountain Sector, they are mostly decorative, but they can be also used as the cover or hiding places. In Temptation, Yumi lifted a large rock with her Telekinesis and threw it at the group of Kankrelats who were blocking the way to the activated tower.


Code Lyoko - The Mountain Sector - Greenery

The greenery which can be found in the Mountain Sector are many bonsai trees seen growing out in many places such as the ground on the plateaus, sides of the big mountains or the peaks. Sometimes but very rarely they can be seen on the tall mountain peaks seen in the background. They are the decorative element of the sector and there are far more trees than in the Desert Sector but much less than in the Forest Sector. The first season also featured roots growing out in the many places.



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