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This is a timeline of the events that led to Moonscoop's financial issues, Moonscoop's financial issues themselves, the aftereffects of the issues, and their effects on the Code Lyoko franchise.

Early Issues[]

Moonscoop's financial problems originated with the merger of France Animation and Antefilms. This caused delays in the production of Season 2 of the combined studio's flagship show Code Lyoko.

Acquisition Problems[]

In the time between the formation of Moonscoop and the company going into administration, Moonscoop acquired and started many many other studios, including Mike Young Productions (now Splash Entertainment) and Luxanimation. These posed significant cost to the company.

Ultimate Collapse[]

During the post production of Code Lyoko Evolution, a dispute started among Moonscoop's share holders regarding how the studio was operated. This caused a prominent shareholder to divest from the company. This caused Moonscoop to fall behind on payments on other things.

First, this departure caused them to not be able to keep up with the payments for the acquisition of Mike Young Productions. As a result of this, Mike Young Productions, which had become Moonscoop USA, became Splash Entertainment.

Second, this departure caused them to not be able to keep away with compensation for the production of the live action sections of Code Lyoko Evolution to Norimage. Quentin Merabet later revealed on Twitter that this also caused the company to fail to pay the Code Lyoko Evolution actors.

The financial negligence to Mike Young and Norimage caused a pair of lawsuits which drove the company into severe debt. Eventually, Moonscoop was forced to go into administration, the french equivalent of Bankruptcy. Moonscoop's assets and remaining employees were transferred to Mediatoon. However, the outstanding debts were not, which caused actors like Quentin Merabet to not be compensated for their performances beyond benefits during production such as temporary housing and craft services.