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The Moonscoop Group was a leading French global entertainment company in their distribution and management of related marks.



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Moonscoop was founded in 1990 by brothers Christophe and Benoit Di Sabatino under the name Antefilms Production. Antefilms quickly became a major figure in French animation. In 1998, Antefilms opened a state of the art 3D animation studio based in Angoulême, in southwest France.

In 2001, Antefilms made a five minute pilot called Garage Kids and shopped it around to various television networks in France. Eventually channels France 3 and Canal J were both interested and agreed to co-produce the series. Antefilms continued to develop their concept, which eventually evolved into Code Lyoko and premiered in September 2003.

Shortly after the first season of Code Lyoko began airing, Antefilms acquired the animation studio France Animation from the web provider Wanadoo.[1] As a result of the merger, Antefilms decided to change their name to Moonscoop in March 2004, with the Di Sabatino brothers continuing to run the company.[2] France Animation's Head of distribution Lionel Marty was brought onto Moonscoop as President of Worldwide Distribution, CP and Digital.[3]

Moonscoop continued to use "Antefilms" as the name of their 3D studio in Angoulême, Antefilms Studios. It is here that Code Lyoko’s 3D sequences were animated.


Moonscoop focused on producing original projects and building brands with international and permanent vocation. It is the most prolific producer in the world in animation, producing many hours of original programming from its offices in France and the USA. The company hired some of the best animation producers worldwide and is reinforced by a media network to promote the distribution of programs to young people through new platforms such as IPTV, mobile phones, or VOD.

Moonscoop among its licenses many of the most popular global TV market successful programs and series are 3000 half-hour broadcast in more than 160 countries worldwide. The flagship series of Moonscoop include among others "Code Lyoko", "Wild Grinders", "Fantastic 4", "Titeuf", "Pet Alien", "Dive Olly Dive!" and "Casper", licensed in several markets worldwide. The product average 4-6 new series of important company each year and employs over 350 people worldwide.

Headquartered in Paris, the company also has offices in Los Angeles, Angouleme, La Rochelle, Luxembourg and the Country of Wales (UK). Distribution service of Moonscoop's mission is to export worldwide the vast catalog of programs the company with more than 100 titles and 3,000 half-hour program. Directed by Lionel Marty, President of Global Distribution, service consists of sales team based in Paris, Los Angeles and China as well as a group of sales agents in some selected regions.

In 2007, the Distribution Service was the first to receive the "Distributor of the Year" award presented and voted on by readers of Kidscreen magazine for its innovative technology and the success of its international sales. Since then, the service was among the finalists each year. Moonscoop also has a department derivatives Marketing & Products, split between offices in Paris and Los Angeles. Cynthia Money is president and oversees the daily operations teams. They manage the brands and licenses to develop products and strengthening communities of fans.

List of Moonscoop shows

(Note: As Moonscoop was the result of a merger between Antefilms and France Animation, this list consists of programming from both catalogs.)

  • Air Academy
  • Albert le 5ème Mousquetaire
  • Alfred
  • Aquakids
  • Arsène Lupin
  • Au Coeur des Toiles
  • The Babaloos On Vacation
  • The Babaloos
  • The Birds (television series)
  • C.L.Y.D.E.
  • Chip et Charly
  • The Christmas Pirates
  • Cybergirl
  • Dr. Dog
  • En Attendant Noël
  • Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes (French: Les Quatres Fantastiques)
  • Fred des Cavernes
  • Funky Cops
  • Code Lyoko (2003-2007)
  • Code Lyoko Evolution (2012-2013)
  • Horace et Tina
  • Insectoscope
  • Invisible Man (television series)
  • The Legend of White Fang
  • Les Mondes Engloutis (Spartakus and the Sun Beneath the Sea)
  • Little Vampire
  • Mr Roger
  • Night Hood
  • Nobeard The Pirate
  • Nothing But Monsters
  • Patrol 03
  • Quick & Flupke
  • Robinson Sucroe
  • The Smoggies
  • Titeuf (Tootuff)
  • Urmel
  • Vampires, Pirates and Aliens
  • Waiting For Christmas
  • Wild Grinders
  • Wheel Squad
  • Zevo-3 (with Skechers)

Moonscoop Presentations


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