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Monster Swarm is one of the games in the Code Lyoko franchise. It was created for Cartoon Network's website. It features 3-D side scrolling gameplay. The only playable character is Yumi. It was released in 2007, but it takes place during Season 2 or Season 3, in the Forest Sector. The game is written in Macromedia Flash.


When X.A.N.A. takes control of some frogs the science class was supposed to dissect, Odd and Ulrich are forced to stay behind and defend the school while Aelita is nowhere to be found. This leaves Yumi on a solo mission to Lyoko to get to the Tower and save the School, with Jeremie as support.


  • Up arrow key is to Jump
  • Left arrow key is to go left
  • Right arrow key is to go right
  • Z Key is to kick
  • X key is to throw a Tessen Fan.
  • Hold down X : Charge up for a special attack (two fans, KO in one hit. Yumi is unable to move while using this attack.)


When certain monsters are destroyed, health or energy can be gained. Health is for recovering from attacks, energy is for powering up special attacks. These stats are indicated at the bottom, along with the number of remaining lives. By default, there's 3. Parts of the level now off-screen can not be returned to, the fans don't block lasers, and touching monsters can be bad for your health. Different monsters take different numbers of hits. The monsters fire in a straight line, but can move. Yumi's fans have to return before they can be used again.


The full game can be found here: