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Mister Pück was a doll given to Aelita as a Christmas gift by her parents, Anthea and Waldo Schaeffer (commonly referred to in the show by his pseudonym, Franz Hopper). It played an important role as a key to Aelita's past and the overall mystery surrounding Lyoko and Project Carthage. It is the focal point of the episode Mister Pück, when it was revealed to hold a key to a locker at a nearby train station containing Franz Hopper's diary.

At the end of the episode Mister Pück, Aelita is seen sleeping with Mister Pück while dreaming about her childhood with him. In this episode, he was voiced by Barbara Weber-Scaff.

Prior to finding it, she had frequent nightmares of an elf resembling Mister Pück being chased by wolves, taking refuge in a tree, and finding something inside. According to Aelita, the dreams are symbolic. Mister Pück finds a small treasure chest with the same visuals as Franz Hopper's diary, and the wolves that Aelita hates the most are all black, likely referring to the Men in Black.


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  • It is implied that Mister Pück was the inspiration for Aelita's avatar on Lyoko, as she has pointed elf-like ears and a similar outfit to the doll.
  • In The Key, Franz Hopper explains in a flashback that Mister Pück's name means "goblin" while in Distant Memory, he claims that it means "elf".
  • The "Pück" part of Mister Pück's name might be a reference to the character from Shakespearean legend.