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Michael rouiler

Michael Rouiler (also spelled Michel Rouiler or Michael Riley) is the groundskeeper at Kadic Academy. He is a minor character. He apparently lives in Kadic's gatehouse, since he was seen there in the middle of the night. His last name is approximately pronounced as "ROH-lee".


  • Swarming Attack, in which he was hospitalized after being attacked by possessed hornets.
  • Attack of the Zombies, in which he told the policemen who arrived after William's call that there weren't any zombies in the Kadic and when they left he was attacked by zombified Jim and students.
  • Sabotage, in which he was possessed by X.A.N.A. and damaged the Supercomputer's data boards.
  • Lost At Sea, in which Ulrich Stern mentioned him.
  • Canine Conundrum, where he was shown thinking Aelita was insane, regularly seeing her dig up random items in the park which were hid by Kiwi.
  • Bad Connection, in which he was possessed by X.A.N.A. and attacked Odd and Sissi with leaf rake.
  • In both Countdown and Massacre, he was impersonated by a Spectre.


  • In early episodes in the English dub, he was named Mr. Bennett. This was phased out. From season 2 onward, he was named Mr. Rouiler.
  • In Canine Conundrum, it was revealed that he thinks Aelita is a nutcase.


Seasons 1-4[]



He lives in the gatehouse on the north half of Kadic, and works out of the Tool Shed.