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Michael Rouiler (also spelled Michel Rouiler) is the groundskeeper at Kadic Academy. He is a minor character. He apparently lives in Kadic's gatehouse, since he was seen there in the middle of the night. His last name is approximately pronounced as "ROH-lee".


  • Swarming Attack, in which he was hospitalized after being attacked by possessed hornets.
  • Attack of the Zombies, in which he told the policemen that there weren't any zombies in the Kadic and when they left he was attacked by zombified Jim and students.
  • Sabotage, in which he was possessed by X.A.N.A. and damaged the Supercomputer's data boards.
  • Lost At Sea, in which Ulrich Stern mentioned him.
  • Canine Conundrum, where he was shown thinking Aelita was insane, regularly seeing her dig up random items which were hid by Kiwi.
  • Bad Connection, in which he was possessed by X.A.N.A. and attacked Odd and Sissi with leaf rake.
  • Massacre, in which he was impersonated by a Spectre.


  • In early episodes in the English dub, he was named Mr. Bennett. This was phased out. From season 2 onward, he was named Mr. Rouiler.
  • In Canine Conundrum, it was revealed that he thinks Aelita is a nutcase.


Seasons 1-4



He lives in the gatehouse on the north half of Kadic, and works out of the Tool Shed.