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Michael Belpois is the father of Jeremie. His job is unknown, though according to the show's bible he comes from a "modest origin".[1]

Unlike his son, he does not have blonde hair (it's probably his wife that has blonde hair). He is proud of his son's intelligence and is a very loving dad. He is aware of Jeremie's feelings for Aelita and has even commented that he thinks she is a very nice girl. He even let Jeremie go back to Kadic for her in Distant Memory.

Jeremie's mother has yet to be seen in the show, though she was mentioned in Distant Memory.

It is worth noting that in the original French version, Michael Belpois' name is spelled as Michel Belpois.


Season Two

Season Four


  • In the French version of Code Lyoko, Michael was voiced by Frederic Meaux.
  • In the Polish version of Code Lyoko, Michael was voiced by Leszek Zduń.
  • His facial features make him look like Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  • The car that Michael was driving in Distant Memory is the same model as the training car that appeared in A Bad Turn.
  • In the canon, he is unaware of Lyoko. In the continuity of the novels, he is shown to be aware of it.