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  • I live in Part Sunk Nown
  • My occupation is private
  • I am sleepy
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  • I just want yo welcome you back to the wikia, if you need help or advice check out the chat.

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  • Prior to this message, my last edit was May 13, 2012. Two months after this, in July, User:Skittycat promoted User:Per Ankh to an administrator position. Three months later, on November 26, 2012 I was blocked for an infinite period by Per Ankh. A year later, Per Ankh was promoted to bureaucrat by User:Alex531. I hope that this case will receive fair review in spite of this.

    With over 6 months of inactivity, I was clearly not engaged in any active disruption or vandalism of the wiki. I remember no attempt being made by Ankh to contact me and discuss whatever problem they had with my edits.

    The summary was "Making a gallery filled with nothing BUT Aelita bathing". In checking my contrbutions, this was the last edit I made to Aelita's article, so I'm not sure what this accusation refers to...

    In this edit I did add 4 images to the episode page for Teddygozilla of YUMI, and they're all still up there. Was I banned for adding images which weren't even removed? Did I break a rule?

    Previous admins have been pleasant and I'm not sure why this newest one banned me indefinitely without even discussing the contentions had regarding the editing. I would have been open to instruction on how to edit. I am wondering if User:Ji Robinson, or aforementioned Alex531/Skittycat, or perhaps User:Agent Odd could look into the situation and review whether a ban was justified, and if so, if it is necessary for it to be indefinite.

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    • What I'm planning is actually not a parted split image like that. Don't worry, just leave that to me.

      What do you mean with messy? It's easy. For example, if there's a picture of Aelita in Mountain Sector, then just tag it with Aelita and Mountain Sector. And for fanart, they go to Fanart.

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    • Mkay I guess it takes up less space to use 'aelita' rather than 'aelita images'. Seems the tag has multifaceted use besides image organization though. Tagged some of Ulrich.

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