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The Men in Black are a group of people who attempted to apprehend Franz Hopper in 1994.

While they remain an enigma, they are key characters to the lore of the series, being responsible for the abduction of Anthea Hopper, Franz's wife, as well as being related to Project Carthage.


All members of the Men in Black seen in the series were dressed in black suits and wore sunglasses. All were male, tall, wore earpieces and wielded guns as seen in The Key.

The organization was considered dangerous by Franz Hopper to the point where he considered sending himself and his daughter Aelita to Lyoko to be the only way of escaping them.

Known Actions[]

Details are sparse about who the Men In Black were. It is known they are responsible for the abduction of Aelita's mother, as seen in a flashback where Aelita recalls her mother being forced in the back of a car at their chalet before her and her father moved into the Hermitage.

On June 6th, 1994, at least three members of the organization broke into Franz Hopper's home, moments after Aelita returned from riding her bike and spotted them from her bedroom window. She called for her father as the men entered the front door, warning him of their presence. Hopper, in the living room at the time, ran and took Aelita by the hand as the men entered the front hall. The pair ran outside and into the sewer tunnel system just as the men, now with guns drawn, broke down the door to the garden and lost sight of them, likely losing them for good in the maze-like tunnels which lead to the Factory. Unbeknownst to them, Hopper then virtualized himself and his daughter to Lyoko.


The actions of the men in black would prove to be extremely traumatizing for Aelita in the years to follow. Even after she lost her memory she would still have nightmares about the men, imagining them as ferocious wolves and herself as a helpless elf running from them. These visions would manifest themselves in the real world as well, whenever Aelita visited a location related to their presence such as the Hermitage.

X.A.N.A. himself was apparently aware of these nightmares, and chose to digitally recreate these wolves to torment Aelita in Distant Memory. Likewise, a Polymorphic Specter in the image of one of the Men in Black was used in Crash Course.


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  • The Men in Black share similarities to "The Division" from False Lead. In this episode, they tell Principal Delmas that they are so secret that even themselves don't know who they are.
    • However, former Code Lyoko head writer Sophie Decroisette confirmed they are not from the same organization nor are they the same agents linked to Anthea's disappearance.[1]
    • It is possible that they are agents of French Intelligence Agency, The General Directorate of External Security.
  • In the alternate continuity Code Lyoko Chronicles novels, it's said the Men in Black are operatives of an American-based organization. Their goal is said to be the destruction of all of the data related to Project Carthage.