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The Cortexian Rolling Articulating Spheroid Techto-compatible Mega-Multipod Vehicle, simply known as the MegaPod, is a new vehicle used by the Lyoko Warriors in the fifth season to travel through the unprediectable Cortex.


This new vehicle was designed by Jeremie after the use of the group's original vehicles in the Cortex results in their devirtualization. As the Cortex is ever-changing, it required a vehicle that could adapt to the terrain as quickly as possible.

In its debut episode, it is piloted by Yumi, though she has some difficulty in controlling it due to mechanical issues. After Jeremie runs some recalculations on the MegaPod's programming, he manages to make it more easy to maneuver, as well as giving it the capability for a speed boost should it become necessary. As Yumi is occupied with other matters during the second testing of the MegaPod, Odd is voted as the pilot by Aelita and Jeremie, due to his skill in playing video games.

It has two modes to accommodate for the changing floors and walls of the Cortex. Combining the front two and back two wheels together, the MegaPod is able to travel on narrow roads. With the wheels turned 90 degrees, the MegaPod is able to travel between walls in mid-air. It has a shield like the Skid to defend against enemy attacks. It has also a cannon to destroy the attacking monsters, operated by the passenger to the direct right of the driver.

Times When Used[]

Season Five: Evolution[]


  • It's been shown that it takes days to reprogram. It's also just brought up regularly like any other vehicle with no safety precautions or Hangar (like the Skid has).
  • Odd came up with the nickname for the MegaPod and is the main driver.

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