Marin Lafitte

Marin Lafitte is an actor who resides in France. He is most famous for portraying Jeremie in Code Lyoko Evolution. He was born on June 15th, which was used for the Factory Lift keypad number.

He enjoys surfing, photography, stage magic, and acting.

He has come to hate doing scenes in the Lab because of the heat. He apparently got along with most of the cast. He became good friends with Gulliver Bevernaege, though they both auditioned for Odd and Jeremie, and were hoping for Odd.


Role Form Seasons
Jeremie Belpois French Voice 5 (Evolution)
Jeremie Belpois Live Action 5 (Evolution)

Other Roles

He also stars in a stage show called "Les enfants de la comédie" "The Children of Acting." He has also had secondary roles in "Fais pas ci, fais pas ça" ("Don't do this, don't do that") season 3 and in E=M6.

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