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Marianna Alanen is a Finnish singer and voice actor. Marianna Alanen's stage name is Kana and her full name "Marianna Elisabeth Alanen". "Kana" is Finnish for "Chicken". She also used the name "Phat Zik" at the start of her career. She contributed for the Aelita-related roles for the Finnish dub of Code Lyoko, is a TV host, and is a singer.

She speaks fluent English, Swedish, and Finnish.


Kana began her music career on the Finnish TV show "Popstars", a contest for new pop musicians. After the show ended, Kana embarked upon a solo career.

Kana had her own radio show "Kanalasta kajahtaa" on YLE YleX channel in 2003. The show featured mainly rap and R&B Music. In the same year, she started hosting children's singing and talent game shows "Skabadabaduu" and "Staraoke" on Finland's MTV3. Staraoke won the first Interactive Emmy Award for a Finnish show in Cannes in 2008.

In 2005, Kana released singles from her second album.

On September 19th, 2012; Kana gave birth to a child, after a previous stillbirth.

In her personal life, Marianna Alanen is involved in animal rescue organizations and has two dogs she adopted from Spain. Marianna Alanenis the chairperson of Dog Force One, a Finnish charity that runs animal shelters, works to improve EU animal welfare legislation, helps find new homes for them, and takes care of abused or injured animals. This is partially financed by Marianna Alanen's line of dog products, such as designer collars and harnesses.

Code Lyoko Roles[]

Role Form Seasons
Aelita Schaeffer Finnish Voice Seasons 1-4
Taelia Finnish Voice Season 1: "The Girl of the Dreams"
X.A.N.A. Aelita Finnish Voice Season 4
Aelita Clone Finnish Voice Seasons 1-4

Music and Other Work[]


  • "Kanalasta kajahtaa": radio show
  • "Popstars": Reality TV contestant
  • "Skabadabaduu": Game Show Host
  • "Staraoke": Game Show Host


  • wRAP (2003)
  • Tulen aina takaisin (2007)


  • Kontti Norjaan (Container to Norway) (2003)
  • Sanamainari/Sydän ja pää (Wordminer/Heart and Head) feat. Afrodite (2003)
  • Sähkövirtaa (2005 - gold)
  • Tulen aina takaisin (promo - 2005)
  • Saan kaiken muuttumaan (promo - 2006)

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