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The core of Marabounta.

This page is about the program itself. For the episode of the same name, see Marabounta (episode).

The Marabounta was a program created by Jeremie, based on the principle of ants, that, if working together, each on individual tasks, they could collectively accomplish tasks worthy of one or more intelligent individuals. It only made one appearance, in the episode "Marabounta". It existed as a dark mass that started out as a single sphere. The single sphere quickly multiplied and became a sort of ooze. Its purpose was to get rid of X.A.N.A.'s monsters, like Krabs and Megatanks, by consuming them and dragging them into the slime (and to the unlucky one's doom), thereby allowing the Lyoko Warriors to achieve victory much easier.

Its usefulness was rendered null when it sensed the link that Aelita had to the Supercomputer/X.A.N.A. (because of the supposed virus implanted in her by X.A.N.A.), it tried to kill her. However, before it could do any harm to her, the program was eliminated through a temporary truce between the Lyoko Warriors and X.A.N.A.'s monsters. It was destroyed by a modified laser arrow, armed with a virus, that struck the original sphere.


  • Yumi was the only member of the team who was covered and devirtualized by the Marabounta, though it had tried to attack Aelita.
  • It was never seen again following its termination. However, it was briefly mentioned in "Down to Earth" by Aelita and Odd.
  • It has only appeared in Lyoko's Forest Sector.
  • This was Jeremie’s first attempt at creating an Artificial Intelligence.
  • Since it was proven in the second season finale that a fragment of Aelita stolen by X.A.N.A. was the cause of her link to the Supercomputer and not a virus, a more likely explanation for the Marabounta attacking her was that, without that part of her digital memory, it only recognized Aelita as another program (like X.A.N.A.'s monsters) and not a virtualized human.