This is a list of social events that occurred as plot points in Code Lyoko.

Teddygozilla Prom

In "Teddygozilla", there was a prom being set up. The first shot of the episode is The Kadic News reporting on it. In the initial timeline, Ulrich was going to attend with Yumi. After the return to the past, he went with Milly instead, due to her asking him. For some reason, this includes a competition for a Beauty Queen, for which Sissi was a contender.

Yumi's Party

Yumi was going to throw a party in "Rock Bottom?". They wanted Samantha Knight to DJ, which started the B plot of the episode.

End of the Year Dance

The "End of the Year" dance is the dance that appeared in "The Key". It appears that only couples could go inside, as in the background of a scene, Jim could be seen turning individuals away. None of the Lyoko Warriors went to the dance (although Odd came close), due to the fact that they had to go to Sector Five to retrieve Aelita's memory fragment. The dance is not seen or spoken of again in later episodes.

Subdigitals Concert

The Subdigitals had a concert in "Music to Soothe the Savage Beast" in which Aelita played as their opening act.

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