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The Kolossus (known as Kolosse in French) is the largest and most powerful monster in Code Lyoko. It has only appeared in the Ice Sector and its Replika.

Appearance and Abilities

The Kolossus is X.A.N.A.'s strongest monster ever created, and also the biggest. It has the appearance of a giant, lava elemental being, effectively being everything short of a walking volcano. It is impervious to any attack on its body, and its strength is so great, it can cause instant devirtualization and even destroy The Skidbladnir in a single hit. For X.A.N.A., however, the Kolossus' strength comes at the cost of requiring lots of energy to even generate it. In both Cold Sweat and Down to Earth, X.A.N.A. is seen drawing energy out of all the Replikas it had created to put the Kolossus onto the battlefield. When Jeremie launched a incomplete version of his Anti-X.A.N.A. Program, X.A.N.A. had to draw even more energy to allow the Kolossus to have the strength to free itself from the ice paralyzing it.

The Kolossus has four Eyes of X.A.N.A.. However, it is the large Eye of X.A.N.A. on its face and the one on the sword for its right arm that must be hit to destroy it. Hitting any of the large Eyes individually does nothing to the Kolossus, as shown when Yumi threw a fan at the Eye of X.A.N.A. on its face. The fan was seemingly destroyed and the Kolossus seemed unhindered by the attack. However, when Ulrich pierced the Eye and kept his weapon there, the Kolossus was paralyzed until X.A.N.A. drew energy from all the Replikas to power up the Kolossus. Hitting any of the small Eyes on the sword arm makes the Kolossus halt for a short period of time.

If the Kolossus touches a tower, the part of the tower that the Kolossus is touching glows red - possibly because of the seemingly intense heat on its hands or because it's temporarily transferring data into the tower and bringing it under X.A.N.A.'s control, or both. The Kolossus destroys the Skidbladnir in Down to Earth by ripping it off from the tower it was connected to, making it crash into the Digital Sea. In "Fight to the Finish", the Kolossus was defeated by Ulrich, who was devirtualized soon after by the monster's body, which fell on top of him.

The Kolossus has no visible laser weapon. Instead, it causes devirtualization by either stepping on its foes, landing on them, or swiping at its enemies with its giant sword-like hand. The Kolossus uses no strategy in battle; its only function is to devirtualize the warriors and to destroy the Skid. While powerful, its size prevents it from attacking rapidly. As a result, other Monsters (mostly the flying ones) are occasionally deployed alongside it to finish off any warriors it fails to devirtualize. Due to its sheer size, it's theoretically unusable on in the Forest Sector, Mountain Sector, Desert Sector, Sector Five, or their respective Replikas.


  • Without over-complicating anything, this monster, in a lot of ways, is X.A.N.A.'s successful attempt at the creation of a real-life kaiju.
  • The monster's name was given by Odd in Cold Sweat. He spells it with "K" so it sounds like K.O., although Ulrich is not sure who will get K.O.-ed.
  • Ulrich is the only one so far to eliminate the Kolossus, by stabbing it in both of its Eyes of X.A.N.A. (one on its head, and one on its sword arm).
  • The creation of the Kolossus is a giant catalyst in the final episodes of the fourth season.
    • Revealing the number of Replikas made Jeremie think twice about the idea of destroying Replikas one by one.
    • The Destruction of the Skidbladnir further convinced Jeremie to instead focus all of his time towards the Anti-X.A.N.A. Program.
  • The fights against it are all of grave importance:
    • Freeing of William.
    • Destruction of the Skid and X.A.N.A..
  • The Kolossus has only appeared in Ice-related areas: the Ice Sector and its Replika.
  • The Kolossus appears as the final boss in the game, Fall of X.A.N.A..
  • The Kolossus does not explode when defeated, but it is believed that it disappears sometime after its defeat. When it dies, the lava portions of its body harden, leaving a frozen corpse behind.
  • The Kolossus uses the same surface modeling as the Volcano Replika.
  • Unlike normal Monster Virtualization, the Kolossus can only be virtualized by drawing energy from all of the Replikas.
  • Although other monsters can deactivate towers by attacking them, the Kolossus is the only monster to have actually physically moved a tower as he managed to slant one in the Ice Replika.


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