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Kankrelat Kamikazes are a different type of Kankrelat that will run up to a player and explode next to them. They are very weak and only take one hit to destroy. In Get Ready to Virtualize, instead of having the normal tan color of Kankrelats, it has a round green bulb attached to a small body. A stronger variety is colored yellow. It'll try to ram the player to attack. When attacked, will begin to make gurgling sounds and its body will pulsate as a countdown starts. It will explode when the countdown ends, highly damaging any character within a short distance.

In Quest for Infinity, a similar enemy with black and red color scheme and a curved head appears. This version attempts to approach and detonate itself beside the player. A single ranged attack will destroy it instantly. While this design does reappear in Fall of X.A.N.A. like all other Quest for Infinity monsters under the name Kankrelat 3, it now merely functions as a stronger variety of Kankrelat.

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