The Kalamar is one of the monsters that live in the Digital Sea, debuting in the fourth season of Code Lyoko. It has an oval black/grey body with four long legs sticking out of it. The Eye of X.A.N.A. is located in the middle of the Kalamar's body. Its movements mimic that of a squid. Unlike other monsters, the Kalamar's primary weapons are not lasers; instead, its enormous legs hold the target still while it uses its drill to attack. This monster was designed to destroy the warriors while in the Digital Sea, ensuring permanent deletion.


  • The Kalamar is the second-largest monster created by X.A.N.A.; it is approximately the size of the Scyphozoa.
  • Like the Scyphozoa, this monster has only been destroyed once. However, it appears to follow the Scyphozoa's fighting style: wait for the target to be isolated by other monsters, then attack.
  • In French, "calamar" means squid. Following the tradition of monsters' names replacing the letter C with a K, this monster was named Kalamar. In English, the name can be equated to calamari.
  • Like the Sharks and Kongres, this monster follows the Digital Sea's underwater motif.
  • While only appearing once in Season 4 (in the episode Cousins Once Removed) and never in Code Lyoko Evolution, they are quite common in the games Quest for Infinity and Fall of X.A.N.A..
  • In Quest for Infinity, there are 3 varieties of the Kalamar. The first is the kind seen in the show, that latches onto vessels and drills. The second variety is similar, but less than 1/3rd of the size. The third variety is the same size as the standard kind, but differently colored. The differently colored version uses a Circular Laser, rather than a drill.


Season 4

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