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Julien Xao is a student who is in the same class as Odd, Ulrich, Sissi, Aelita and Jeremie. He wears red flannel with short sleeves and long blue trousers. It appears a lot. He was first seen in Teddygozilla, at the dance, wearing traditional Chinese student's clothing. In Tip-Top Shape was revealed that he has poor eyesight and bad memory as he was learning the letters from medical chart so he won't have to wear glasses. He is voiced by Barbara Weber-Scaff.

He also speaks in Kadic Bombshell where he asks Brynja how long she will be at the academy.

As a curious fact is that if he has poor eyesight he would have to wear glasses as a solution, but he does not want to wear them because, according to him, he would look "super shabby" and therefore he was learning the eyesight chart by heart with rather poor results.

On several occasions, he is seen talking with Paul Gaillard, indicating that he is good friends with him.

In episode Cousins Once Removed it was revealed that Odd used Voice Synthesizer and Telephone Program to imitate Sissi's voice telling Julien that she is in love with him that made Julian constantly follow her around, much to her annoyance.


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