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Jeremie clone in Double Take.

The Jeremie clone, also known as X.A.N.A. Jeremie, was a clone made by the real Jeremie himself and is also a Polymorphic Clone made by X.A.N.A..

In the English dub, he is voiced by Sharon Mann. In French, by Raphaëlle Bruneau. In Japanese, he was voiced by Yoshiko Kamei. In Indonesian, he was voiced by Hana Bahagiana. In Polish, he was voiced by Anna Apostolakis-Gluźińska.


Jeremie's Version

Jeremie's Version's original purpose was to replace Jeremie while he skipped Physical Education to work on freeing William. From all of Jeremie's clone attempts (i.e. the William Clone), this was the one that showed the most personality, and was the most believable Artificial Intelligence. The "clone" had major personality distinctions from the original, and showed much more outgoing and flirtatious attributes (such as flirting with Yumi almost immediately after he first appears). He was also much stronger and more athletic than the real Jeremie. Unfortunately for Jeremie, X.A.N.A. used William to take over the Tower that was controlling the clone, and used it to attack the group. Fortunately, Aelita deactivated the Tower, and the real Jeremie launched a return to the past to put everything right again, before the clone could seriously hurt anyone.

In Code Lyoko: Quest for Infinity, the clone appears and flirts with a large number of the female cast. This is an in-joke about the show's literary bible.

X.A.N.A.'s Version

X.A.N.A. created a Polymorphic clone (that took the form of Jeremie) in X.A.N.A.'s Kiss. X.A.N.A.'s aim was to get Aelita out of The Hermitage, to apologize her trust about the situation the real Jeremie had with Heidi Klinger and the fact that the real Jeremie yelled at her and send her to Lyoko so the Scyphozoa could steal her memory. When they left the house, they were confronted by the group. The clone tried to persuade Aelita that he's the real Jeremie as he kissed her to which Aelita replies that he's the fake one as the real Jeremie would never dare to kiss her.

X.A.N.A. created a Jeremie clone in Double Trouble. X.A.N.A.'s aim was to get Aelita to the Mountain Sector, so the Scyphozoa could possess her and make her destroy the sector. After the clone drowns Jeremie to the river near the Factory, the clone comes to Aelita, claiming he has finished the program to virtualizing people directly to Sector Five and tells her to go to the Factory to test it but she, and then the whole group refuses to do it now. Odd becomes suspicious with the clone, because his behaviour is very different from the real Jeremie; the clone doesn't let Odd copy his answers in physics test, and when questioned on why he didn't, the clone scolded Odd for not studying. The real Jeremie, safe from the river, calls Odd and warn him about the clone. Unfortunately, Odd doesn't do good to hide the revelation, causing the clone to know that the real deal is alive. It electrocutes Odd and heads to Jeremie in the Lab. Arriving there, the clone says that he is surprised because Jeremie survived and it is proud to resemble him. The clone then throws Jeremie to the elevator shaft in a second attempt to kill him, which didn't work. When Aelita, Yumi, and Odd arrived in the Lab, the clone manages to convince them that he was the real Jeremie and virtualizes the trio. Once they're in the Mountain Sector, the clone starts typing on the computer at high speeds, causing Odd and Yumi to flicker, while the Scyphozoa captures and brainwashes Aelita.

Ulrich arrives in the Lab and fights the clone, but the clone is too strong for him. After Aelita deletes the Mountain Sector, having served its purpose, the clone smiles as the Tower supporting it vanishes, causing it to disappear.

This spectre frequently mocked and taunted his enemies, especially Jeremie.


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