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James Finson in End of Take.

James Finson is a stereotypical famous movie producer, harboring characteristics such as bossiness, stubbornness, ego, and other characteristics that of a visionary.

Finson hated it when his works was compared to other work. This was seen when Ulrich compares his Untitled Alien Ripoff to Alien and when Ulrich told him (after the X.A.N.A. attack) that the location he planned on shooting at was remarkably similar to another sci-fi horror movie.

Finson designed the alien robot for his sci-fi horror movie, where shooting was planned to take place at the factory, thus triggering the events of End of Take. In that episode, he hired Ulrich and Sissi to work on one of his films. Sissi had one line "written on a napkin", which was a scream. Ulrich was hired because he knew the factory. Ulrich took on this job to convince him to abandon the factory, making it seem like a death trap; this didn't work. During the shoot, X.A.N.A. possessed the alien robot Finson made for the film. Finson tried arguing with the robot, but was webbed for the trouble.

He takes filming security seriously, resulting in cell phones being confiscated from his cast and crew. However, he did not take safety seriously. Ulrich was unable to convince him to leave the factory due to rats, a dangerous elevator, and even Uranium; with Finson saying he loves dangerous shoots. The appearance of originally takes priority, so after a return to the past, Ulrich informed Finson that another film had already been made at the factory. Outraged, Finson informed his producer, and probably went to shoot the film at another location.

He appears in End of Take, Cold War, and Crash Course (as a cameo).


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