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Very good for a robot that's so ugly!

Mr. Delmas

Iron Sissi is a robot built by Herb. It appeared in "The Robots". Her design was based upon Sissi. Mr. Delmas commented that it was ugly, much to the offense of his daughter.

She was built to compete in the school robot competition in "The Robots". This competition consisted of a basketball game.

In both timelines, she was able to tie at four points with Kiwi 2. In the first timeline, Herb released a screw from her mouth, which blew up Kiwi 2. As a result, she won the game with five points to four. In the second timeline, Jeremie knew about Herb's tactics, and swerved Kiwi 2 at the last second. As a result, the screw she fired under Herb's control missed, and she lost to Kiwi 2.

She was not shown to have any degree of autonomy. In every shown case, Herb was operating her by remote control. She uses wheels instead of legs for movement, making her less sophisticated than Kiwi 2. She has a hidden feature: her mouth can open and fire a screw at a designated target.


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