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Intrusion is the fourteenth episode of Code Lyoko Evolution and the one-hundred-and-ninth episode of Code Lyoko.



  • Jeremy: This is impossible, I can't find anything!
  • Aelita: Same here!
  • Jeremy: I just don't understand this! There's no data about him after June 25th, 2003! It's like he just disappeared! How is that possible?!
  • Aelita: A guy like Tyron, who has been my father's assistant for years, he must have left some traces! But why this date: June 25th, 2003?
  • Jeremy: Maybe that was the day he argued with your father! Anyway, we absolutely need to locate his lab, if we want to destroy his supercomputer!
  • Aelita: Jeremy, I'm getting pretty tired, and it's almost midnight!
  • Jeremy: Okay, enough for tonight then! I really do not want to think about Tyron all night long anyway! But tomorrow we'll need to go back to the Cortex!


  • Yumi: Don't forget: the opperation "Earth Hour" is next Saturday at 8 O'clock! We're counting on you for one hour in the dark for the planet!
  • Student helping Yumi: By the way, I forgot to tell you, your essay was awsome! You're really talented, you know! Don't forget, next Saturday! By the way, didn't you say that Ulrich would help us?
  • Yumi: That's right! He was supposed to!
  • Student helping Yumi: Great! You can trust your buddy!
  • Yumi: Yeah. Sure...

  • Jeremy: Last night I was working on a small program! It's a new sneaking program that you need to inject into the Cortex's interface!
  • William: 110! That's the grade she got for her essay! The teacher even read it in front of the whole class!
  • Odd: 110?! I thought grades in French class never went above 85! I really need to take a look at this masterpiece!
  • Yumi: Well, it was nothing exceptional, as you all know... It's just an essay!
  • Odd: Nothing exceptional? Let's find out!
  • Yumi: Odd! Odd, I'm warning you, if you do this...
  • Odd: So... "Mia couldn't believe her eyes! Eric, her long-time friend, her soul mate, who was so deep and sensitive, suddenly unveiled another face!" An immature, stubborn being, who, above all, doesn't pay any close attention to others."
  • Yumi: You idiot!
  • Odd: What?! I was just reading your essay! That's a pity, I wish I knew the end of the story...
  • William: It's kind of interesting. Because of his foolish behavior, the guy ends up breaking their friendship!
  • Odd: Not cool...
  • Jeremy: Sorry to interrupt, but we have a mission to do!
  • Odd: You're too serious! Okay, let's get going then!


  • Ulrich: Hey! The guy in your story, that's me, right? "Immature, stubborn, doesn't pay any close attention to others..." Is that how you see me?!
  • Yumi: Your imagining things... It's just an essay, that's all!
  • Ulrich: Yeah, sure. Don't take me for a fool! And it was read in front of everyone...!
  • Yumi: Look, Ulrich, we'll discuss this later if you want, but for now let's go to the lab!
  • Ulrich: I'm not coming!
  • Yumi: What?!
  • Ulrich: I'm not coming! I need to be alone for a while! At least I've always been honest with you, Yumi. I think we should stop seeing each other. It will be better that way.


  • Jeremy: So, everyone knows about the mission?
  • William: Yes, Jeremy, we got it! You've told us this thousands of times already!
  • Aelita will inject the lure into the interface, which will raise the alarm!
  • Aelita: Then all the Ninjas will turn up and we'll take care of them...

Odd: And meanwhile Aelita will inject the sneaking program! Okay?!

  • Jeremy: Very good! you would have got the perfect grade if you hadn't been so insolent!
  • Aelita: Ulrich is not with you?
  • Yumi: No, he wouldn't come.
  • Odd: What?!
  • Jeremy: What's going on?!
  • Yumi: Look, I'd rather not talk about it! Shall we go?!
  • Jeremy: Transfer: Odd. Transfer: Yumi. Transfer: Aelita. I'll launch the virtualization!
  • Scanner: Odd. Scanner: Yumi. Scanner Aelita. Vurtualization!
  • Odd: So, Yumi, what's the problem?
  • Yumi: Ask your pal!
  • William: Did I miss something?
  • Odd: No, nothing. I guess we'll have a lot of fun today.


  • Ulrich's cell phone: This is Ulrich's voicemail. Please leave a message after the beep.
  • Jeremy: Ulrich, this is Jeremy. What's going on? Please call me back.


  • Yumi (mental echo): "At least I've always been honest with you, Yumi. I think we should stop seeing each other. It will be better that way."


  • Jeremy: Okay, I'll start the disembarking process. Transfer.
  • Aelita: If you need to talk, I'm here, okay?
  • Odd: Ulrich didn't come and Yumi pulls a face... Jeremy for the next mission, please add a party or something.


  • Odd: Yumi, you'll need to settle things down with Ulrich! This has consequences on the whole group and they're not good!
  • Yumi: Thanks a lot for you support, Odd!
  • Odd: What did I say?!

  • William: Wow! Really impressive! Will you teach me that someday?
  • Odd: I don't know about you, but seeing this place so quiet always gives me a strange feeling!
  • William: It's always calm before the storm!
  • Aelita: Ready? Let's go!
  • Odd: The reception committee for the Ninjas is ready!
  • Aelita: Okay, I'll insert the fake key!
  • Jeremy: Go ahead Aelita, inject the sneaking program!
  • Aelita: Got it, Jeremy!
  • Jeremy: Great! It worked! The program hasn't been detected! You have to hold on until it finds the location! Don't drop your guard, Yumi! Focus, Yumi! You're taking a lot of damage!
  • Odd: Yahoo! My first Ninja!
  • Yumi: Jeremy, devirtualize me!
  • Jeremy: What?!
  • Yumi: Devirtualize me!
  • Jeremy: No way, you have to protect Aelita. What the heck are you doing, Yumi? I can't believe you just did that! It can't be...
  • William: Bring it on, I'm all revived up! Yes! We can beat them!
  • Odd: Yes! Another one!
  • William: Please go ahead, pal.
  • Odd: Job's done!
  • William: We're definitely great!
  • Jeremy: Yeah, but that's strange. Usually they're stonger than that!
  • William: Hey, can't you at least give us some kudos?
  • Odd: That's right, they're not weaker, we're stronger, that's all!
  • Aelita: Jeremy, the walls are starting to move! Did your program find anything? It's geting urgent!
  • Jeremy: Alright, it found the location! You can come back!
  • Aelita: Let's go!

  • Aelita: Jeremy, any news about what happened with Yumi?
  • Jeremy: No! She left immediately after getting out of the scanner!
  • Odd: She's acting kind of strange today!
  • William: Wait, are you kidding me? Ulrich was the one who let us down!

  • Yumi: Hey, have you seen Ulrich?
  • Female Student: Ulrich Stern?
  • Yumi: Yes!
  • Female Student: Umm... I think he is in his room.
  • Yumi: Okay, thanks.

  • Jeremy: Wait, there's something strange happening you guys! Do you mind going back and checking it out?!
  • Odd: Okay Jeremy, just give us the coordinates and we'll take a look!
  • Jeremy: 77 degrees to the South.
  • Odd: Here we go!
  • Jeremy: What?!
  • Odd: Jeremy, are you sure? I can't see anything on my scanner!
  • Jeremy: I don't get it, I lost the signal...
  • Odd: Uhh... Are you sure your computer is working right? It might be time to buy another one!
  • Jeremy: Very funny, Odd! Really!


  • Yumi: Ulrich! Let me in, I know you're in there. Please, open the door. Do you know what? Yes, it was you in the story! You wanted me to tell you, I did. Are you happy now? Come on, Ulrich, please let me in.


  • Jeremy: Alright, I'll start the transfer!
  • Aelita: Engine: activated!
  • Jeremy: It is time to get started on the serious matter! Finally I'll find out where you are, Tyron! Okay, it's encrypted! Does he really think his encryption is going to stop me? I can crack any code! Here we go...!
  • Odd: Jeremy, can you devirtualize me?
  • Aelita: Odd, you're not funny!
  • Odd: What?! If I get devirtualized now, I'll be back sooner and I won't miss my favorite show! Don't I also have the right to act in my own interest? And, if we all act like Yumi, then soon we'll no longer be a group!
  • William: I totally agree!


  • Ulrich: So, this is how you truly see me?
  • Yumi: You're incredible. After all the positive things I wrote about you, your depth, your sensitivity, you only noticed the negative ones.
  • Ulrich: Great! You should add "negative" to your list.
  • Yumi: You really should grow up a bit, Ulrich!
  • Ulrich: Wait, after all you did to me today, I don't even understand how I can keep talking to you!
  • Yumi: I told you the truth, which is never easy to hear, but it's the truth. And I'm the one who should be angry, I waited for you all morning with the flyers!
  • Ulrich: Oh.... the flyers...
  • Yumi: Yeah, the flyers! It's always like that: you're never there when I need you! Not to mention how touchy you are. All I did when I was in the Cortex was think about you. I even got devirtualized on purpose, just so I could see you! I was so stupid.
  • Ulrich: Wait! You should add "clumsy" to your list. I'm so sorry, Yumi. I know I wasn't up to it. I should have been there for you with the flyers, and I should have been there for... many things. You're right. I feel so ashamed. I really don't want to lose you. You're the person that matter the most to me... And I promise to make a better effort.
  • Yumi: You're also the person that matters the most to me.

  • Jeremy: Yes! June 25th, 2003! That's the day Tyron disappeared! Obviously he didn't make any effort. You never choose a date, Tyron, that is the very basics of encryption! What the heck is that...?!
  • Aelita: Jeremy, we just arrived, can you transfer us?
  • Jeremy: Er... Yes. Sure.
  • Aelita: Jeremy, is everything alright?
  • Jeremy: Yeah, I just have a problem with the encrypted data. But I'll transfer you right now! Huh? There's something on the Skid! Shoot!
  • Odd: I can't believe it!
  • Aelita: Jeremy, it's a Ninja!
  • William: Oh no, it can't be!
  • Odd: Get ready to follow your friends! Nooooo!
  • Jeremy: We have been tricked! That's why they were so easy to beat in the Cortex! Come on! Pick up, please...
  • Ulrich: Yes Jeremy, I'm sorry, I...
  • Jeremy: You'll tell me about that later, we have an emergency right now! A Ninja hitched a ride and entered sector 5!
  • Ulrich: A Ninja?!
  • Jeremy: You've got to come as soon as possible!
  • Ulrich: Okay, Jeremy! Alright, I'm coming! 
  • Jeremy: William, you need to hold on! Reinforcements are coming in the form of Ulrich!
  • William: Now it's between you and me! I see! You're not easily impressed, eh? Jeremy, he's heading to the elevator!
  • Jeremy: You must prevent him from accessing the core of Lyoko! He cannot access our data!
  • William: Hey, you won't get rid of me that easily! I don't know if someone ever told you this, but you really have a bad mug! I won't be able to hold him much longer! He's way too strong!
  • Jeremy: Virtualization!
  • Ulrich: William!
  • Jeremy: Ulrich, you have to eliminate him! You're our last chance!
  • Ulrich: You really don't have much luck! Today I'm in a very bad mood! Triplicate! You missed!
  • Odd: Yes!
  • Jeremy: He got him! Well done, Ulrich!
  • Yumi: There's something I don't get, Jeremy! Why couldn't your scan detect him?
  • Jeremy: He probably had some force field that made him invisible! But I guess some electromagnetic interference is what covered him!

  • William: Yeah! You did great, pal!
  • Odd: You saved the day! You're always there when we need you!
  • Ulrich: Yes. And that's just a start. I'm glad to have the whole team back together again!
  • Aelita: I totally agree!
  • Jeremy: We'll need to be much more careful when dealing with Tyron! He almost located us!
  • Odd: Well it's true we came very close to disaster! But next time, I guess he'll think twice before attacking the Dream Team!

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