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Insekt Lord is the second boss of Code Lyoko: Quest for Infinity. It guards the Forest Replika’s supercomputer.


There are two phases in this battle and the player is only able to use Aelita, Yumi, or Odd, with Yumi being the most useful character. In the first phase, the Insekt Lord is hiding inside a hole and it sends out a bunch of Insekt minions that will start shooting. Aelita, Yumi, or Odd must shoot the target on the hole and after it is damaged enough, all while some rocks will be falling down and blocking the hole. It is then up to Yumi to destroy all the Insekts minions and to use her Telekinesis to move the rocks.

In the second phase, the Insekt Lord comes out from the hole. The Insekt Lord has two attacks. First, it will try to shoot the player with its powerful laser. Sometimes, it will also come to the ground and try to slice player with its powerful scissor-like hands. Luckily, the player is able to jump to avoid its attack. In this phase, the player needs to attack the Insekt Lord with either Aelita, Odd, or Yumi until the player defeats the Insekt Lord.

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