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IFSCL (Simulated Fictional Interfaces of Code Lyoko; originally known as Flash/Fictional Interface of Code Lyoko Supercomputer) is the largest and most detailed simulation of the Factory's supercomputer that has been created to date. It is created and developed by a French fan, Alexis Foletto (commonly known as Immudelki or Immu).

Ever since the ALPHA version was published on 10th April, 2010, it is undergoing regular updates and revisions, and development is expected to continue until the beginning of 2023. Work in progress versions are released to the fans and community to allow them to enjoy the program and help uncover issues and other bugs as the development continues.

The game is currently available in six languages: French, English, Italian, Spanish, Polish and Portuguese. More languages may be added after the release of the final game. According to Immu's Quick Answer document, three candidates for more languages are Turkish, Russian, and Chinese.

Take a look on the website: to see the actual upgrades for the next version. You can keep track of the updates via the Facebook page, the Indiedb page, which has links to the Changelog. There is also a reddit page, tumblr page and the new Discord server.

Command List[]

Note on 2.6.2, you can only access the readme (with the commands names), by clicking on the "?" button in the game launcher. Starting from 3.0.0, you can access them by typing "help", and it will open you the pdf that is included in the game's installation. And since 3.0.1 the help is included and readable into the game.

This is the only way to get all the updated commands. Please do not upload them on the Internet!

Story Mode[]

Introduced in cycle 4.0.X, the Story Mode follows an original plot created by Immu that roughly retells the events of the Code Lyoko series with deviations caused by the launch of an enhanced Return to the Past program in the prologue chapter. Story Mode also serves as a means of introducing the various codes and programs in the game to the player as they are used throughout the story. New chapters have been introduced every so often in updates, and some have been updated and/or split after revisions. In addition to the main story, there is a side story that will follow Waldo Schaeffer (the future Franz Hopper) and his work for the mysterious Project Carthage.

Chapter 0: Xanapocalypse[]

First introduced in 4.3.X, the prologue chapter is unlocked after completing Chapter 1 (and Chapter 2, as of 4.5.X). On April 13, 2010, Franz Hopper records a diary entry musing his current existence as an anomaly in the timeline, as for all intents and purposes, he should be dead. Casting aside his doubts, Franz acquires a disc for the Anti-X.A.N.A. Mk. XIII program from Kiwi and proceeds to run the disc. However, the supercomputer's circuit boards need to be recalibrated before the program can be fully run. Franz descends to the Supercomputer Room to rearrange the circuits accordingly and returns to the lab to finish launching the program. But as soon as he finishes, the Ultrascan program pops open to indicate multiple attacks from X.A.N.A. and the failure of the Anti-X.A.N.A. program.

Franz sends out multiple calls, contacting Odd as he is with Sam, Yumi and William together in the woods, Ulrich alone, and Jeremie and Aelita together at the school. Aelita runs by Suzanne Hertz on her way out, using rehersal with her band as an excuse for her hurry. As Jeremie leaves, Mrs. Hertz reminds him of her previous obligation to remind him to study for a contest that day. Jeremie promises to attend to it later after tending to his current commitments. He then joins Aelita in a raft to The Factory, arriving at a hatch leading to an underground passage that goes to the Glass Room. Aelita finds William's lack of response in the matter particularly concerning, as William has always been the first Lyoko Warrior to react to the call. Nonetheless, they press on to the Glass Room, only to be ambushed by a translated Creeper.

When Jeremie comes to, he finds Aelita badly injured but the attack seemingly over and assumes that Franz has taken care of the activated Tower, but he privately senses something is not right when the Return to the Past isn't activated. He finds Ulrich hunched over an injured and unconscious William, learning from Ulrich that they had been devirtualized in less than a minute and were soon after attacked by monsters on Earth. Ulrich tells Jeremie that Odd chased after Kiwi after he escaped into the air ducts, frightened by the monsters, and Yumi is still on Lyoko aiding Franz and his Mantas. Jeremie leaves in hopes of launching the Return to the Past. On the way, he finds Odd on the Factory Floor crying over Kiwi, who is crushed under the debris of a massive hole in the wall. Odd claims the damage was done by the Kolossus and begs Jeremie to do something to help.

As the Factory Lift is knocked out of commission, Jeremie reaches the lab by means of the factory Boiler Room and is distrught to find the lab empty and X.A.N.A.'s attacks still ongoing. Jeremie descends the hatch to the Scanner Room, finding the room and its Scanners torn to pieces and Franz lying on the ground next to a blue CD. After being aroused, Franz urges Jeremie to use the CD, which contains an enhanced version of the Return to the Past. Jeremie tries to insist they can still win without resorting to the new program, but Franz shoots down every idea he can come up with. Jeremie relents, running the enhanced Return to the Past in the supercomputer using a series of master codes. Just as he launches the program, he hears Yumi stuck in the broken elevator and goes to explain the situation to her as the timer of a blue Return to the Past program ticks down.

As they wait for the program to take them back to the very beginning, Yumi and Jeremie reflect on a day when the latter visited the former's house and confided in one another as they waited for Ulrich and Odd to arrive, wishing they could somehow remember the event after the reset. As the timer counts down, the destination date glitches and flickers a few times but manages to right itself by the time the counter reaches zero. Wisps of energy gather above the factory, while Jeremie is startled by the sudden appearance of an apparation of his past self in the lab. Both past and present Jeremies stare at each other for a moment before the Return to the Past launches, inexplicibly glitching the real Jeremie for a moment and then gathering the energy above the factory before continuing to expand outwards. Outside the school, Mrs. Hertz stares at the approaching energy bubble before it extends to absorb her, too.

Chapter 1: Jeremy Awakens[]


Added in 4.0.X and split into two in 4.5.X. On October 9, 2003, Jeremie awakens in the middle of a stormy night logs onto his computer to type up a journal entry about his discovery and activation of a supercomputer in the factory. He also mentions thinking he saw someone on the bridge to the factory but chalks it up to sleep deprivation. A few hours earlier, Jeremie leaves to go to the factory. On the way, he runs into Jim, who tells him to be back in the Dormitory Building in an hour, and Bastien and Ulrich, learning from the former that a new student has been assigned as the latter's roommate, much to Ulrich's chagrin.

Jeremie arrives at the factory and descends to the Supercomputer Room, activating the computer and going back up to the lab where he activates the Factory Interface. As soon as he does, he discovers the image of a pink-haired girl sleeping and is amazed when the girl wakes up and starts interacting with him. The virtual girl appears to be self-learning and, while she doesn't know her own name, she's able to recite a "creation date" of June 6, 1994 at 6pm. When asked about the scanners on the floor between the lab and the supercomputer, the girl explains they are a means for humans to enter the virtual world she lives in, but she has no means of appearing on Earth through them. Bidding the girl goodbye, Jeremie takes a remote access CD from the supercomputer and heads back to the surface. Upon reaching the bridge, Jeremie briefly spots the image of what appears to be an older version of himself before it quickly vanishes. Jeremie dismisses the vision as a sign of lack of sleep and presses on back to Kadic.

Jeremie returns well past the hour he was supposed to, sneaking past Jim and Principal Delmas as they discuss the arriving student, and almost makes it back to his room before he's caught by Ulrich. While Ulrich promises not to tell on Jeremie to Jim, he still wonders what Jeremie has been up to when he sneaks out a night. Back in his dorm room, Jeremie runs the remote access disc in his computer and leaves it to install as he goes to bed. He is awoken by the sound of Jim ordering Ulrich in the next room over to get ready for his roommate and decides to use the newly installed remote access to talk to the virtual girl, whom he inexplicably calls Aelita. Neither understand where he got the name from, but the girl likes it and accepts it without further question. The connection briefly lags, causing Aelita to note that Jeremie's connection from his computer is bad compared to the supercomputer. During their conversation, Aelita discovers Jeremie's computer journal, which Jeremie had lost the decryption key to. At Aelita's urging, Jeremie goes to the Cafeteria to eat.

At the cafeteria, Ulrich spots Jeremie eating alone and offers to sit with him, but Jim arrives to take him to meet his sparring partner for his upcoming martial arts class. After Ulrich leaves, Jeremie discovers via his laptop that Aelita had managed to decode a journal entry he wrote on September 3rd of that year. With no classes ahead, Jeremie decides to head back to the factory to talk to Aelita there. As they converse, the Holomap next to the interface activates, showing Jeremie a view of Lyoko, the virtual world where Aelita resides. After examining the Holomap, Jeremie asks Aelita to exit her tower and explore the sector she is in. But as she crosses the sector to another tower, she is ambushed by three monsters and is forced to flee. After Aelita makes it safely to another tower, she decides to stay and study its files while Jeremie returns to school. Back at Kadic, Jeremie approaches the vending machines, passing by Ulrich, Odd, and Yumi along the way. But as he does, a strange energy dances around the four of them.

Chapter 2: Second Chance[]


Originally the second half of Chapter 1 before being split into its own part in 4.5.X. Jeremy wakes up at the vending machines, having apparently fallen unconscious after the Return to the Past. Jeremy is confused when the schoolmates surrounding him express knowledge of Lyoko and the supercomputer, but the group decides to take the conversation elsewhere when they spot Sissi, Nicholas, and Herb watching them. During math class, Ulrich and Odd tell Jeremie about their first adventure together and inform him that, unfortunately, they were unable to materialize Aelita in the process. After class, Jeremie's classmate Azra Ürgüp returns a book, The Electric Girl, that he had loaned her at the beginning of the school year. Jeremie spends about an hour studying the book before assembling the team at the gym corridor, where Jeremie and Odd plan to head back to the factory while Ulrich and Yumi redo their first martial arts class together.

At the factory, Jeremie sends Odd to Lyoko to escort Aelita to a Way Tower, where she plans on gathering data they can use in coding her materialization program. Odd is ambushed by a Hornet as soon as he arrives but dispatches it just as quickly. He and Aelita encounter more monsters en route to the Way Tower, but Odd manages to defeat them to get Aelita to the tower to begin recovering data. Since the process will take a while, Jeremie materializes Odd. Despite his desire to jump back into the battle, Jeremie and Aelita discourage him from the notion of being virtualized twice in one day, and Aelita assures him she'll be safe inside the tower. Jeremie and Odd return to the dorms, where Jeremie pays a visit to Herb to recover a macrocoding book he borrowed from the library without returning it. Herb initially refuses to hand it over until Ulrich gets involved, and he reluctantly complies.

As the group gathers in Jeremie's dorm, Ulrich and Odd warn Jeremie not to trust Sissi, citing the adventure that Jeremie doesn't remember due to the jump back in time. Yumi, meanwhile, ponders how the rest of the factory is still getting electricity, despite being abandoned, as it is likely not powered by the supercomputer's nuclear battery. Aelita urges Jeremie to get himself scanned to give himself immunity to the Return to the Past before anything else, but Jeremie reasons he still has time to at least start on the materialization program before X.A.N.A. attacks. Jeremie sets the parameters for the new program and sends it off to Aelita for revision before everyone heads off to bed, agreeing to meet up at the factory tomorrow.

The next day, Jeremie scans himself without going to Lyoko and immediately steps out with the intent on continuing work on the materialization program. Before he can, Yumi arrives to inform the others that Aelita has felt pulsations on Lyoko moments before the elecrtic orb from the gang's first adventure appears and knocks her out cold. Odd attracts the orb's attention and runs off to lure it away, and Jeremie wakes up Yumi to send her and Ulrich to Lyoko, where Aelita traces the pulsations to the activated tower. The three hurry to the activated tower, encountering a Megatank and two Kankrelats along the way, and Aelita enters and deactivates it. After everyone meets back up in the lab, the group agrees a Return to the Past is necessary, as Sissi had been attacked by the electric orb again while Odd was luring it away from the factory. Jeremie prepares the return trip while admitting he's not sure whether it will take them back one to two hours or forty-eight tops and not wishing to discuss the potential ramifications of somebody getting "hurt badly".

After the return in time, Odd hangs around in Jeremie's dorm room to watch him work. As he does, he wonders who could've created Lyoko, the supercomputer, and Aelita. "In other times", an older Jeremie and Aelita receive an urgent message.

Chapter 3: Fighting Spirits[]


First added in 4.3.X as Chapter 2 and later split in half, with the first half becoming the first sequence of the "Project Carthage" side story and the second half rewritten and added back in as Chapter 3 in 4.5.X. The date is February 4, 2004. At the end of science class, Mrs. Hertz assigns the students a group project. She assigns Odd to Ulrich as a partner instead of Jeremy, against Odd's protests, and partners Sissi with Nicholas and Herb with Jeremie. Outside, Jeremie and Yumi discuss the progress on Code: Earth when Jeremie states he's been shifting focus towards working on a tower-detecting program, assuring Yumi he hasn't entiely given up hope on the materialization program despite about a year passing.

Jeremie and Odd find Jim outside the Science Building attempting to wire the Internet connection for the building. Afterwards, the class attends gym, where Herb spots Jeremy working on his laptop and accuses him of trying to get a head start on the project without him and threatens to do all the work himself and claim the credit; Jeremie and Odd show no concern over this. Feeling uninspired in his work, Jeremie decides to take a break to watch Ulrich practice soccer. Once soccer practice is done, Jeremie moves over to the Administrative Building library to begin coding his program. About an hour into Jeremie's work, Jim arrives at the library with packages for Odd, Nicholas, and Herb, admonishing Odd for his lack of work on his science project. Odd asks Jeremie if he can borrow his laptop to work on the project, to which he agrees to once he is finished coding his program. At Odd's urging, Jeremie requests headache medication from Yolanda Perraudin before leaving to burn the tower program to CD.

By the time Jeremie is finished, he visits Ulrich and Odd at their dorm, where Yumi is visiting as well. Odd boasts at having finished his and Ulrich's science project and planned a date with Heidi Klinger, at which point Jeremie offers an invite to join him at the lab when he installs the new program. Ulrich hesitantly offers to take Yumi to a movie but reframes it as an invitation to the group, ultimately backing down and taking up Jeremie's offer. When asked about it in private, Ulrich confesses his concerns to Jeremie over how Yumi feels about him. Feeling unequipped to advise on such matters, Jeremie declines to comment. He does offer to monitor Yumi's heartbeat on Lyoko to determine how she feels; Ulrich, shocked that he can do such a thing, turns down the offer. Their trip to the factory is sidetracked when Milly Solovieff and Tamiya Diop corner Ulrich about alleged accusations of him causing Julien Xao harm to the leg during soccer practice for The Kadic News. Jeremie is able to satisfy the junior reporters with another scoop of Principal Delmas fighting for funds for the upcoming short film festival.

Jeremie and Ulrich leave for the factory by means of The Sewer, having a close encounter with Herb along the way. The program installation is successful, though Jeremie explains to Ulrich that it needs to be run manually. Just as they are running a test of the new "Monoscan" program, Yumi arrives with a frazzled Odd holding Jeremie's short-circuiting laptop as the latter begins babbling uncontrollably at an intellectual level well beyond his normal self. Jeremie alleviates Odd's brain swelling with a health scan while Ulrich and Yumi escort Aelita to the activated tower that was used to hack the laptop and overload Odd's brain. Odd speculates that Jeremie was the intended target of the attack, given it's his laptop, and asks that a Return to the Past not be performed in order to preserve the work on his project done with his temporarily enhanced intellect. The group agrees, as they had managed to avoid any suspicions that would necessitate the jump. Jeremie examines Odd's readings on the supercomputer, noting his real world body has returned to normal, his Avatar has been affected long-term in a way that may lead to "flashes of anticipation" on the battlefield.

The team joins up on the bridge, where Ulrich offers to escort Yumi home due to how late it has gotten, and Odd rushes off to salvage his planned date with Heidi. After everyone else has left, Jeremie doubles down and falls into a trance, walking methodically through the city woods to an old cottage labeled The Hermitage. X.A.N.A. observes Jeremie approach the house until Jeremie turns to face the direction of the security camera with a knowing smile. Some time later, Jeremy scrambles across the bridge towards the factory but is stopped in his tracks. A black briefcase tumbles over the side of the bridge into the river below.

Chapter 4: Ikigai[]


First added in 4.4.X and briefly removed in 4.5.X to be readded in the same cycle. October 7, 2004, Jeremie installs a network-hacking program onto his laptop by means of the antenna on the science building roof. They are nearly caught by Jim, despite Odd being on lookout duty, but he leaves after receiving an electrical shock from the antenna. The group leaves, heading for the park with Kiwi in tow, where Odd comments on Jeremie's streak of sleepwalking incidents from three months prior. Yumi takes the opportunity to invite the gang to a party at her house while her parents and brother are out of town. Ulrich arrives at that point, having lost his diary, asking for help finding it. While searching, Yumi and Jeremie find Jim changing the lock to the Garden Shed due to someone stealing the only key. He presents them with a wallet he came across, asking if they can find its owner.

When the two return to the rest of the group, Kiwi had already found Ulrich's diary, while the wallet Jim found turns out to be Sissi's. Yumi is unable to reach her by phone, and Odd more than happily recounts that she is waiting in the woods for Ulrich, despite the latter's refusal of her request to rendezvous with her there. Ulrich refuses to go see her, so Jeremie and Yumi decide to return the wallet to her themselves, Jeremie specifically wanting to do some investigating while they're there. Yumi suspects this has something to do with his prior sleepwalking, which Jeremie confirms. Jeremie believes he may have been sleepwalking somewhere through the woods, given nobody from either the school nor the city saw him. Yumi warns him not to stress himself out too much and goes to find Sissi.

Alone, Jeremie follows a north path along the woods, hoping to find something that could explain his past sleepwalking. Finding nothing satisfactory, he lies down on the grass to rest and drifts off to sleep. Jeremie has a dream of clutching a black briefcase and running through the forest, worried that "he" is getting more resilient and out of his control. He carries the briefcase across the bridge to the factory before blacking out. Just as he hears the voice of a man asking, "How do you feel?", Jeremie wakes up to a downpour of rain. Questioning his mental health, Jeremie rushes off to find Yumi, who is still at that point trying to convince a stubborn Sissi that Ulrich isn't coming. Sissi agrees to accompany the pair to Yumi's house when Jeremie warns them that the rain could last for at least another hour.

Once inside, Yumi offers to make dinner while Sissi claims first use of the bathroom. Jeremie sets up his laptop in Yumi's bedroom to write a diary entry. He confides that his past headaches have subsided and puts his concerns over his sleepwalking aside to focus on Aelita's materialization. He also reflects on Sissi's near addition to the group in light of having her at Yumi's, musing on the refreshing change of pace to have her around instead of Ulrich and Odd, but he quickly takes it back and admits in the entry that he still wants them there. Yumi checks in on him afterwards, having postponed the party due to the rain. Yumi expresses her worry that Jeremie has gotten a little too paranoid over X.A.N.A. When Jeremie asks for advice, she tells him he should relax and take time to breathe. She then compares his work ethic to Japanese culture, stating that her father took his overseas job to get away from that culture of stressing over work. She also notes that Jeremie has developed a sense of purpose in life, comparing it to the Japanese concept of "ikigai", which Jeremie recognizes from pirating Japanese animation for his classmates.

Jeremie takes his own bath time and has a conversation with Yumi through the bath door. He thanks her for inviting him, confessing that he hasn't done evening get-togethers with friends before. The two take the time to confide in one another over their shared friendless background. Jeremie takes pause in the midst of their conversation, musing a sense of déjà vu. Sissi interrupts at that moment to ask about traditional Japanese clothing, prompting Jeremie to joke that she'll take up residence permanently, to Yumi's chagrin. Jeremie wraps up his bath to find Yumi discussing the broken pressure cooker with her mother over the phone. When Akiko hears that Sissi is at the house with them, she insists on calling Sissi's mother to inform her where she is. Sensing tension on Sissi's part regarding the subject, Jeremie lies on her behalf by claiming his own mother already called and informed Principal Delmas, which satisfies Akiko.

That night, Jeremie and Sissi both find each other unable to sleep and converse. Sissi offers to ask her father to excuse them from classes tomorrow as thanks for saving her from getting caught in the rain. Since Sissi would normally watch horror films when she couldn't sleep, Jeremie offers to make up his own and tells her the tale of a stuffed animal growing to the size of a house and nearly killing everyone. Sissi scoffs it off as sounding like something Nicholas would make up. As they continue to talk, they notice that the rain has finally stopped and express their relief.

The next morning, Jeremie heads down to breakfast to find Yumi and Sissi listening to a breaking news report over the radio. The public bus taking Kadic students, including Ulrich and Odd, has sped completely out of control, which Yumi and Jeremie recognize as a X.A.N.A. attack. With their team short-handed, Jeremie recruits Sissi to plug his laptop into the school antenna so that he can hack the network and slow down the bus, in spite of Yumi's doubts. Crossing the bridge into the factory, Jeremie stops for a moment as if sensing something behind them, but he dismisses the feeling and sends Yumi to the scanners to be virtualized. Once Sissi calls to report she has plugged the laptop in, Jeremie uses net control to hack the bus and slow it down while Yumi guides Aelita to the tower to deactivate it, saving the students aboard. Jeremie launches a Return to the Past, undoing the events of the attack.

Redoing the previous night, Ulrich and Odd come along to Yumi's house, bringing Sissi with them. Ulrich acknowledges Sissi's role in saving them from the bus attack but is teased by Odd for it. Jeremie heads upstairs to continue working on Aelita's materialization program, leaving as Yumi reminds him to take time to relax. Unfortunately, Jeremie's efforts hit a snag due to conflicting actions on his and Aelita's ends of the compilation, and a stressed Jeremie snaps at Aelita before quickly apologizing. Yumi peeks in on Jeremie just in time to hear Aelita sign off, stressing Jeremie out even more and prompting her to frown.

Chapter 5: Wild Creatures[]


Immu's Room[]

Immu's Room is a hidden command (to enter in the game), which Immudelki reveals a little later on, it's contents change with each new version of the IFSCL, teasing upcoming features in the next update, or something else he's working on. The first one was featured in 2.0.5.

Usually the codes are Doctor Who references.


Code: riversongspoiler


Code: Run, you clever boy, and remember


Code: neverblinkwithangels


Code: fantasticallonsygeronimo


Code: thebadwolfbay


Code: whoisfaceofboe


Code: amigoodman

3.0.0 and 3.0.1[]

Code: - justthisonceeverybodylives

Opens a window depicting a 3D render of the MegaPod, which would've been used in the cancelled Lyoko Wanderers project.

3.1.3 and 3.2.3[]

Code: gallifreythelongwayround

Reveals the Visual of Aelita inside one of Lyoko's towers.


Code: fourandahalfbillionyears

Starts a minigame in which the player must locate a small, orange tower-shaped object just above the Digital Sea at specified coordinates and then send Aelita, with Visual window active, into a specified tower. Doing so allows the player to activate an orange Return to the Past, which sends the player back to the moment that Franz Hopper programmed the supercomputer to virtualize himself and Aelita to Lyoko from the former's point of view. The room ends as soon as the player presses the button to ride the Factory Lift down.

3.4.0 and 3.4.2[]

Code: ihadadutyofcare

Cathedral of Mysteries A first-person freeroaming render of the Factory Floor at night. A hidden white room can be found by walking through the back wall, in which a "chest of spoilers" (rendered after the chests from Final Fantasy X) can be found containing the Punic Wars textbook (labeled Volume 1). Towards the front end of the Factory Floor, a bloody and unconscious William can be found, presumably hinting towards the events of Chapter 0. The room ends when attempting to use the Factory Lift.


Code: gladyouknewthat

Frontier of Mysteries Another first-person room, taking place in Virtual Limbo. After the player finds Jeremie's glasses in a "chest of spoilers", they are greeted by a blue-eyed Kankrelat identified as Kawabata or Kawa for short, a supporting character in IFSCL's sister project, Lyoko Conquerors. Kawa addresses the bloody and unconscious William from the Immu's Room of versions 3.4.0 and 3.4.2, warning the player that weirder things are to come has he guides them to a scanner in the middle of Limbo space. Optionally, the player may find a "chest of spoilers" off to the left of the scanner containing a Vikings Tales Vol. 1 book. The room ends when attempting to use the scanner.

The music that plays in Virtual Limbo is "Stuck in the Speed Force" from The Flash.


Code: laughhardrunfastbekind

A continuation of Frontier of Mysteries split into two parts. The first part is virtually identical to the previous version. The Vikings Tales Vol. 1 book is replaced by a "strange smartphone", a white smartphone with a picture of Samantha Knight on the lock screen and a spotch of blood in the bottom right corner. Upon using the scanner in Limbo space, the second part begins.

The player arrives in the Scanner Room, while Kawa is barred from exiting his own scanner due to a blown fuse. Kawa asks the player to rescue him from the malfunctioning scanner in exchange for information on a mysterious blue Return to the Past. The lift can be taken up to the Lab, which is blocked off from exploration by a white wall of light, and further up to the Factory Floor. In the south end on the bridge side, a "chest of spoilers" contains a replacement fuse for the scanner. Additionally, the Corridor leading to the factory's Boiler and Turbine rooms is accessible. The Corridor itself and the Turbine Room are not fully rendered. Behind the boiler, a "chest of spoilers" contains a blue CD labeled as Enhanced RTTP Mk. II. An inexplicable curved crack can be found along the back wall of the Boiler Room emitting a yellow glow.

At the front end of the Factory Floor, the player can access the Assembly Room, only partially rendered, and William can be found again bloody and unconscious at the top of the stairs. Past the Security Center (unrendered) is the Glass Room, the arched windows found to be broken in and Aelita similarly bloody and unconscious on the floor. Both William and Aelita's respective smartphones can be found on the floor near them. As soon as the player returns to the Scanner Room and replaces the burnt fuse, Kawa admits he lied about knowing anything about the blue Return to the Past but reaffirms his earlier claim that weirder things are to come. The scanner activates and sends Kawa back to Lyoko, but not before promising to share tea with the player in the future, and the player is prompted to go to the Supercomputer Room. However, upon arriving, the room is blocked off by another white wall of light. An unknown bloody figure can be seen in the corner of the room. Attempting to walk further in ends the room.

The music that plays throughout the second part of the room is "Alec Tours The Piron Labs" from Continuum.


Code: whattookyousolongoldman

Supercomputer of Mysteries A continuation of Frontier of Mysteries split into three parts. The first part is virtually identical in the Virtual Limbo, this time with both the strange smartphone and the Vikings Tales Vol. 1 books able to be found in chests to the left and right of the scanner, respectively. The second part starts off the same, but riding the lift to the Factory Floor switches the room of a third-person perspective, showing the player to be controlling Jeremie's Chapter 0 future self. Only the section of the Factory Floor containing the lift is accessible at this point, and the chest containing the replacement fuse has been moved to near the left to compensate.

Beginning the third part, the player can now fully access the Supercomputer Room. The bloody figure seen before is revealed to be an unconscious Yumi. In the other corner is a box of circuit boards and a chest containing "Kawa's Diagram" of where to place the circuit boards in the supercomputer. The player must insert the circuit boards into the correct panels in what is presumably a prototype of the task Franz undertakes in Chapter 0. Once completed, a Neuronal Headset appears and must be charged with the Derivator's Hook on the supercomputer, which depletes the remainder of the uranium battery.

The player then dons the Neuronal Headset, being transported to a white hallway lined with doors where the perspective again shifts to third-person with future Jeremie. The rooms allegedly lead to the Testers Room, the Assistant's Room, the Donators Room, the Translators Room, the Theorizers Room, and the Reference Gatherers Room. Jeremie declines to enter any of these rooms so as not to disturb their occupants, noting specifically of the assistant that he must be busy. A chest off to the side contains the book Sino-Japan Conflicts. If Jeremie moves forward through the hallway past a sign reading "Immu's Room", the room ends.

The music that plays in the white hallway is a piano rendition of "Lovefool" by the Cardigans.


Code: changing your mind

Kawa's Room The room picks up in the white hallway visited in Supercomputer of Mysteries. The sign at the end of the hallway has been altered, crossing out Immu's name to replace it with Kawa's. Passing through the end of the hallway teleports the player to Besaid Village as Final Fantasy X protagonist Tidus, where Kawa can be found waiting for them atop a pile of treasure chests. Kawa warns the player that Immu is "maniacally meticulous" and will use his attention to detail to distract them from "the truth", and he also alerts the player to watch out for glitches throughout the village. The houses and shops throughout the village lead to renders of various Code Lyoko locations (which temporarily revert the player character back to future Jeremie), each containing a black board that shows pictures hinting at future Story Mode elements. A chest sitting in front of the closed door to the Besaid Temple can be opened to find a Student Manual. If the player interacts with key points of these areas and opens four select chests among the many scattered throughout the village, the door to the Besaid Temple opens.

Inside the Besaid Temple, the player stands atop a pillar with a stained glass floor depicting both Immu's avatar and Kawa, as well as smaller images above depicting various characters and below depicting various books. Walking through a portal at the northern end, the player becomes William in his Season 3 Lyoko attire, running up a long tower bridge, at the end of which the player becomes Aelita in her Seasons 1-3 Lyoko attire in a tower. Accessing the tower interface, Aelita inputs CODE KAWA, and the interface expands to display several images pertaining to Aelita's past, as well as images of the Return to the Past program, including the regular green, orange, blue, and purple. The purple Return to the Past displays the date June 3rd, 1994.

When the player returns to Besaid Village, the stained glass floor along the way no longer features Kawa. In the village itself, Kawa is gone and has left behind a note declaring it is time for him to leave. He promises to meet with them in the future to share tea with them. When the player leaves the village, the room ends.


Code: (unreleased)

Final Immu's Room

Versions Release Dates[]

The versions release dates can be found at the official download page.

  • ALPHA - 13th of April 2010
  • 1.0.0 - 18th of April 2010 (released exclusively in beta version; announced as 1.2.0.)
  • 1.2.5 - 19th of April 2010 (received 2 consecutive replacements: 1.2.6 and the 1.2.9 (beta only).)
  • 1.3.0 - 23rd of April 2010
  • 1.3.4 - 6th of May 2010 (released exclusively in beta version; announced as 1.3.5.)
  • 1.3.9 - 2nd of July 2010 (released exclusively in beta version; announced as 1.4.0.)
  • 1.5.0 - 13th of November 2010
  • 1.5.2 - 22nd of December 2010
  • 1.5.7 - 24th of January 2011
  • 1.6.1 - 25th of February 2011
  • 1.6.4 - 13th of April 2011 (First Anniversary Edition!)
  • 1.8.0 - 15th of July 2011
  • 1.8.1 - 14th of September 2011
  • 1.8.8 - 25th of December 2011
  • 1.9.0 - 5th of January 2012
  • 2.0.0 - 13th of April 2012 (Second Anniversary Edition! Replaced by 2.0.0.c.)
  • 2.0.5 - 20th of September 2012 (Replaced by 2.0.5.c. Update List.)
  • 2.1.5 - 24th of February 2013 (Update List.)
  • 2.2.6 - 13th of April 2013 (Update List.)
  • 2.2.9 - 20th of April 2013 (Update List.)
  • 2.4.2 - 1st of June 2013 (Update List.)
  • 2.4.8 - 30th of June 2013 (Update List. Remastered as 2.4.8.r in 30th of June 2023.)
  • 2.6.2 - 8th August 2014 (Update List.)
  • 3.0.0 - 9th August 2015 - The IFSCL REBOOT! (Update List was replaced by Progression Log.)
  • 3.0.1 - 16th September 2015 
  • 3.1.3 - 23rd December 2015 (This version has been improved & replaced by 3.1.3.c (18th of January - 2016).)
  • 3.2.3 - 28th May 2016 (This version has been improved & replaced by 3.2.3.c (13th of June - 2016).)
  • 3.3.0 - 20th December 2016
  • 3.4.0 - 19th July 2017
  • 3.4.2 - 1st September 2017
  • 3.5.0 - 26th November 2017
  • 3.6.X - 29th April 20181, 24th January 20192
  • 3.8.X - 2nd March 20191, 22nd July 20192
  • 4.0.X - 25th April 20201, 25th July, 20202
  • 4.1.X - 31st October 20201, 19th January 20212
  • 4.2.X - 30th June 20211, 30th August 20212
  • 4.3.X - 27th November 20211, 25th January 20222
  • 4.4.X - 4th June 20221, 16th December 20222
  • 4.5.X - 25th March 20231, 8th September 20232
  • Current version - 4.6.X - 13th January 20241, 29th January 20242
  • Next version - 4.7.X - 17th August 20243


  • 1 This version is released via Kolossus Launcher.
  • 2 This is a standalone version.
  • 3 It means that the release date of this game may still change.
  • 4 It means that the creator himself, due to the workload, is not able to say when a new version will be released.
  • 5 Cycle of this version was completed, but download links to the game are yet to be added.


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  • 2D-3D Art / Code / Story / Gameplay / Sounds: Immudelki
  • Production Assistant: DragonGroar
  • Additional Character Modeler: Özberk Özen
  • Main Original Soundtrack: Cinemorphique
  • "Story Mode Script" Consultant: Hachka
  • Translators: Immudelki / DragonGroar / 3DGamer / ZigZap / Zenthons / ECSTAZZZ
  • Voice of Jeremy: Raphaëlle Bruneau / Sharon Mann
  • Voice of Aelita: Sophie Landresse / Sharon Mann
  • Voice of Franz: William Cros / Paul Bandey
  • Voice of Simone: Nathalie Belge / Helen Young
  • Voice of Yumi: Géraldine Frippiat / Mirabelle Kirkland (archive; uncredited)

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