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This is the English version of the subtitles for episode 104: How to Fool X.A.N.A., the ninth episode of Code Lyoko Evolution and the 104th episode of Code Lyoko.



  • Sissi: My foot! Can't you be more careful?
  • Odd: Sorry Sissi, I had forgotten that you have such big feet!
  • Sissi: You idiot!
  • Odd: As lousy as usual...
  • Jeremie: Don't forget she's our friend now, we're supposed to be nice to her.
  • Odd: I won't tolerate her for long. X.A.N.A. is child's play compared to her.
  • William: So, what's the subject of today's conference?
  • Jeremy: You're going to like it. It's "How to fool X.A.N.A." You know that X.A.N.A. tries its best to take back the source codes it implanted into you.
  • Ulrich: Difficult to forget that.
  • Jeremy: What would happen if X.A.N.A. got fake codes?
  • Ulrich: You're going to implant some codes into us that would be useless if X.A.N.A. steals them, right?
  • Jeremy: Exactly. With these fake codes, X.A.N.A wouldn't gain any power. It could even lose some.
  • Yumi: But what would be the effects on us?
  • Jeremy: That's the problem. I don't have any idea. It may be dangerous. So? Will anyone volunteer to risk their life?
  • Ulrich: Said like that, it looks quite appealing...
  • Jeremy: No, I need you in the lab. Unless you'd like me to ask some help from Laura.
  • Odd: Sorry, I pass this time. I planned to make up with Samantha today.
  • Yumi: In that case I can...
  • Ulrich: No! That's not okay, I'll do it.
  • Jeremy: Are you sure?
  • Ulrich: Yeah. Yeah. You can count on me.


  • Ulrich: Got it, Jeremy. We'll call you back.
  • Yumi: It looks quiet.
  • Ulrich: A little bit too much for my taste.
  • Yumi: Say, why did you volunteer instead of letting me?
  • Ulrich: Welll... I didn't know... It seemed... normal to me.
  • Yumi: Were you worried about me?
  • Ulrich: No. I mean... Yes. Well, not really. It's only that... In fact I didn't want you to touch any specter.
  • Yumi: You know Ulrich, the fake codes may not have any effect on us. You're kidding! Einstein would have told us. He just shut his mouth instead.
  • Jeremy: Hey, both of you! I can hear you!
  • Ulrich: Here it is. Two Krabs.
  • Yumi: They're just scouts. They won't attack.
  • Ulrich: I'll take care of them.
  • Yumi: Wait. We didn't come here to fight, the mission is our priority.
  • Ulrich: Precisely. If those Krabs shoot at us, the mission will be a failure!
  • Yumi: But if you fight them, I tell you they're going to shoot at you!
  • Jeremy: Ulrich, listen to the lady. She's right.
  • Ulrich: Alright. I will enter.
  • Yumi: Ulrich, I...
  • Ulrich: See you.
  • Yumi: Good luck.
  • Ulrich: Jeremy? I'm ready. You can send them.
  • Jeremy: Okay. Aelita...
  • Aelita: Just one second... Ready.
  • Odd: Imagine if he turns into a dark Ulrich?
  • William: Odd, you're not funny...
  • Jeremy: Ready, Ulrich? Injection!
  • Aelita: What's going on?
  • Jeremy: Drat, there's a bug!
  • Yumi: Jeremy?
  • Jeremy: You were given a 128, 432 and 506.
  • Aelita: Wait, not so fast. 432 and what?
  • Jeremy: 506. We need to reconfigure the random components. This is not working! What did you do?
  • Aelita: What you told me.
  • Jeremy: Ulrich? Ulrich? Are you okay?
  • Yumi: Jeremy, I think we have a small problem.
  • Ulrich: Booh! Ha ha! If you could see the look on your face!
  • Yumi: You're so stupid!
  • Jeremy: So, everything is in order. The fake codes have been implanted.
  • Aelita: How do you feel?
  • Ulrich: Normal.
  • Jeremy: Now all we need to do is wait. If X.A.N.A. sends us a Spectre, it will have a big surprise.


  • Odd: Okay, I'm going to see Sam. Be careful.


  • Sissi: hey, you! Do you need some glasses of what? I...


  • Jeremy: Hey, an activated tower. In the Desert sector. I'll launch the visualizer.
  • Aelita: I'll call the others.

  • Ulrich: Yes? Okay, got it. See you. Here we go.
  • Yumi: Over there.
  • Ulrich: No. Did you see Mrs. Hertz? Hasn't she got a new haircut? 
  • Yumi: No.
  • Ulrich: What about him? Is he looking at us?
  • Yumi: No, he always has a strange look. Jim.
  • Jim: Ah! I was looking for you. Don't forget about the training session. 7PM this evening, okay? Sorry for disturbing you.
  • Yumi: Not at all, Mr. Morales.

  • Odd: Again? Are you in love with me or what?
  • Sissi: Sorry Odd...
  • Odd: Are you ok, Sissi? Jeremy, spectre spotted. It's Sissi.
  • Jeremy: Are you sure?
  • Odd: She didn't even insult me when I jostled her, isn't that proof?
  • Follow her? Oh no, I've got a rendezvous with Samantha right now! Fine.
  • What a nightmare!
  • Odd: Jeremy must have told Ulrich, after all. Hey Sam!

  • Samantha: Well, here's the guy who likes beets...
  • Odd: Sam, absolutely... Wait, why are you talking about beets?
  • Samantha: That was what you called me the other day.
  • Odd: Really? You must be wrong, it's just that... I'm not good at excuses.
  • Will you... forgive me?

  • Ulrich: I'll go. Sissi! Sissi!
  • Sissi: Are you okay, Ulrich?
  • Ulrich: Uhh... Yes... And you?
  • Sissi: Me too... I guess.

  • Aelita: It's not Sissi.
  • Jeremy: Do you know that guy?

  • Ulrich: Yumi! Hey Yumi! Can you hear me?
  • Sissi: Ulrich! Ulrich! Ulrich!
  • Ulrich: Where's Yumi? 
  • Sissi: She left with that handsome guy. Why?
  • Ulrich: Later! Yes Jeremy, it's a spectre. He's doing something strange with his eyes, you get confused when you look at him. No, I couldn't touch him. He's suspicious. I

think he knows about the codes.

  • Jeremy: Not good. Ulrich, you are going to pass him your fake codes, okay? If possible - before he touches Yumi. X.A.N.A. knows about it.
  • William: How could it?
  • Jeremy: I don't know... It may have spied on us. Or...
  • Aelita: The bug - when you were injecting the codes into Ulrich!
  • Jeremy: I should have guessed. Alright, let's change our plans. You are going to Lyoko. I prefer to watch my back. The activated tower is to the north-west. Get closer but

don't take action for the moment. We're waiting for Ulrich to catch the spectre. Got it?

  • Aelita: Okay.
  • William: I hope you don't mind the smoke.
  • Aelita: See you there.


  • Ulrich: Come on Yumi, pick up! Pick up!


  • Aelita: Jeremy, we are there.
  • Jeremy: Perfect. X.A.N.A. set up a reception committee. Two Krabs. Can you see them?
  • Aelita: Affirmative. Any news from the others?
  • Jeremy: No, not yet. But be ready to fight. 
  • William: Of course, X.A.N.A. was expecting us. We could get rid of those Krabs first, no?
  • Aelita: No, it would reveal our location to X.A.N.A. and it would send many others.
  • William: Then we had better split up. As soon as Jeremy gives us the green light, I will take care of those Krabs while you try to reach the tower.
  • Aelita: Okay!


  • Aelita: Jeremy, I've got a problem...
  • Jeremy: Okay, I'll send you some backup. William, Aelita is in trouble. No time for discretion anymore, just rush in.
  • William: Got it, Jeremy. Hold on Aelita, I'm coming!
  • Aelita: Easy, Bloks... I've got a little present for you.
  • William: Aelita!
  • Jeremy: Not a big deal, Aelita.

  • Yumi: Jeremy? The spectre is chasing me. No, I don't know where Ulrich is.
  • Jeremy: The mission is cancelled. Try to hide in gymnasium. We'll take care of the tower.

  • Samantha: And then I got expelled from school for the second time. My dad got mad! He told me: This time you're heading for the boarding school! And I said: Okay, but I

want to go back to Kadic. So...

  • Odd: Just a second... Yes, Einstein? Oh no, you can't do this to me!
  • Jeremy: Sorry Odd. It's a complete failure. Yumi is in danger and William is alone on Lyoko.
  • Odd: Alright, I'm coming. Sam, I...
  • Samantha: Just go and join your friends, what are you waiting for...
  • Odd: I'll be back very soon! I promise!

  • Samantha: "I'll be back soon! I promise!"
  • Ulrich: Jeremy? No, I didn't manage to touch him, I'm looking for Yumi right now.
  • What? The gymnasium? Okay.


  • Jeremy: Scanner Odd. Virtualization.
  • Odd: What have we left?
  • William: Just one Krab left. And a few Blocks wandering around.
  • Odd: Okay. Let's take care of them.
  • William: What's going on? You look upset.
  • Odd: If you don't mind, I'd rather not talk about it.
  • William: Odd, watch out! You have never done such a thing before...
  • Jeremy: Be careful, Odd. If you get devirtualized no one will be able to deactivate the tower.
  • Odd: Yeah, Einstein, I know what my job is!
  • William: Well, I guess you had another problem with Sam, right?
  • Odd: No comment.
  • Jeremy: Watch out guys, some monsters are showing up on my screen!
  • Odd: No way! I really thought I could quickly finish this and see Sam again!
  • William: Don't give up with that girl, Odd. Just look at me. I never lost hope with Yumi!
  • Odd: Yeah, but have not been especially successful so far...
  • William: You know, I think nothing is impossible. Look, Odd, as long as there is hope, you have to hang on.
  • Odd: Thanks for setting an example...


  • Yumi: Yes, Jeremy? I'm in the gymnasium. I...
  • Jeremy: Yumi? Yumi?!


  • Jeremy: Odd? Do whatever you want, but do something!
  • Odd: Okay, got it, Jeremy. You just needed to ask.
  • Jeremy: What are you doing, Odd?
  • Odd: I'm attacking! As long as there's hope, you have to hang on.
  • Jeremy: Odd, that's too dangerous!
  • Odd: You asked for it. Jeremy? You're not going to believe this! I passed through!
  • Jeremy: Hurry! Ulrich, it's working! We're stuffing him with fake codes! Take this. It's okay, Odd. The specter has been destroyed. I'll bring you back.
  • Odd: What? Oh no, not cool. I did all this for nothing?!
  • Yumi: Ulrich! Jeremy? It's Ulrich...
  • Ulrich: If only you could see your face...
  • Yumi: You're so stupid...


  • Jeremy: Well, enough with fake codes. It's not worth it.
  • William: But X.A.N.A. lost some power as expected, right?
  • Jeremy: Yes, but it comes with a price. Just ask Ulrich.
  • Ulrich: I'll be fine...
  • Jeremy: No, it's too risky. And X.A.N.A. was suspicious, it could have stolen Yumi's codes instead. We'll find another way to counter X.A.N.A.
  • Odd: Well, enough chatting, I've got to make up with Samantha.
  • Aelita: It looks somewhat complicated with that girl.
  • Sissi: Again? Are you doing that on purpose or what?
  • Odd: You said it Sissi. In fact you're the wife of my life!
  • Sissi: Don't get too close to me, idiot!
  • Ulrich: As a matter of fact, for Odd, all girls are complicated!