The Hornet, also called Frelions or Waspsters, is one of the weakest of X.A.N.A.'s monsters residing on the Ice, Mountain, Forest, and DesertSectors of Lyoko. However, is one of the fastest, being one of only two capable of flight.


Hornets resemble a legless mosquito/wasp with five pairs of thin wings adorned with digital-like veins. Hornets usually travel in swarms of three or five with each swarm consisting of a leader and two to four wingmen, though they have been shown to travel in larger groups. Like all of X.A.N.A.'s monsters, the Hornets' weakpoint is the Eye of X.A.N.A. located on their forehead. Hornets can also be defeated if their wings get sliced off (as shown by Yumi's fans, in A Lack of Goodwill). Usually, Hornet fight the best in the mountain sector due to the tall mountains they can hide behind. 

Hornets usually attack their targets with a laser shot from their tail, the laser dealing 20 points of damage. In Season 1, Hornets are able to rapidly fire their laser at their targets, but this was removed from Seasons 2, 3, and 4. Hornets also attack with a poisonous liquid sprayed from their massive proboscis. The poison drains the health points of the Hornet's target at variable amounts. The toxic liquid can also create puddles that release damaging smog (this was only seen from the episodes Satellite and Swarming Attack). Hornet can also tackle their enemies, which is as strong as a Tarantula's laser


  • Hornets are one of the two monsters that are capable of flight, the other being the Mantas.
  • Hornets used to be called Waspsters (shown in Satellite).
  • A Hornet can kill itself if it hits a barrier when flying very fast. (shown in A Bad Turn)
  • Odd was the only Lyoko Warrior ever to get damaged by the toxic spray, though Aelita came close to being hit by it.
  • In the Facebook game, they are called Frelions, this may be the actual name for the creatures, as Moonscoop did create the Social Game.
  • Hornets are the only monsters of the original group (Krabes, Kankrelats, Megatanks, Bloks, and Hornets) that doesn't make an appearance in Season 5.


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