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Havoc is an unproduced episode of Code Lyoko that was in production sometime during the original series.[1]

It was initially developed as a double-length episode, similarly to X.A.N.A. Awakens, but eventually turned into a full-length movie.[1][2] Several scripts for it were written before it was ultimately not produced due to "financial or distribution" reasons according to Sophie Decroisette.[2][1]


Decroisette released the basic pitch in a Q&A:

"After a buggy return to the past, Ulrich, Odd and Yumi find themselves projected 60 years into the future. They must do everything they can to return to the past and arrive in time to save Aelita and Jeremie, who are fighting a most vicious X.A.N.A. attack..."[1]

She said the plot was "a little bit like The Terminator" and the future would have shown "the consequences of Xana's power. [The group] had to solve the problem in the present, so that the future wouldn't become like this."[2]


  • The title is based off Estrago, the Spanish translation of the French title provided by the Code Lyoko fan-site The original French title is unknown. Estrago has other possible translations in English, including "destruction" and "damage" among others.


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