Hans Klotz is Kadic's psychologist. His job is to identify and help students deal with emotional and social problems and to observe and analyze the students for potential. He thinks Jeremie is a genius (and rightfully so) and attempts to get him transferred to a school for the gifted in Plagued. Unsurprisingly, Jeremie is uninterested in such an idea, because of the threat of X.A.N.A. and his close friendship with the Lyoko Warriors.

Hans Klotz administered Jeremie's IQ test (the results of which would determine whether or not Jeremie would be transferred) but is distracted by a swarm of X.A.N.A.-possessed rats, after the tower is deactivated and a return to the past in conducted, Jeremy resists the test and manages to successfully "flunk" the test, assuring his position at Kadic Academy. He is afraid of rats due to a childhood incident with one.


Season 1

Season 4


  • In Plagued, he introduces himself as Mr. Simone, though this might be just for the English release.


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