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Hadrien Soulez Larivière is a French TV writer and storyboarder who worked on Code Lyoko Evolution. He has also done acting, directing, and editing. His work has aired on many famous channels, such as TF1, France 2, and France 4.

Early Life

Hadrien Soulez Larivière is the son of Daniel Soulez Larivière, a famous french lawyer. Hadrien graduated from École supérieure de réalisation audiovisuelle, a private french film school.

Contact Information

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Code Lyoko Work



Noteworthy non-Code Lyoko work

  • Vice Versa (2004)
  • Les Mystérieuses cités d'or
  • Déjà vu
  • La Reine soleil
  • Une fille d'enfer
  • CHAMBRE 212 "Please do not watch this movie unless you're 18+. It's a black and white Batman porno."
  • La Reine Soleil

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