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The Garden Shed is a building located on the grounds of Kadic Academy. It contains various tools for tending the grounds. It's off-limits to students and other children, as they could get hurt by all the sharp and/or rusty tools stored inside. More often than not, some students use it as a place to hide, despite the rules. This is especially true during some of X.A.N.A.'s attacks. In Teddygozilla, when Milly is told by Sissi that she cannot get a date to the school prom, she hides in the shed and leaves her teddy bear there, which X.A.N.A. possesses in order to attack the school. Yumi also brought Ulrich here to hide when he was injured in The Robots. The Lyoko Warriors also found weaponize-able items in False Start, to fight off the Kankrelats attacking the school. In The Pretender, Yumi hid in the shed from possessed crows but they managed to get inside and badly injuring her who was later found by Johnny, Jim and the principal who called the ambulance for her.



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