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Frelion Attack is one of the flash games in the Code Lyoko franchise. It was made in Actionscript by France 3. Its English name is "Hornet Attack". The player plays as Odd, who must move either left or right, shooting Laser Arrows, while avoiding Hornets' laser fire.


  • Left: move left
  • Right: move right
  • Space: fire a laser arrow


At the bottom of the screen, there is a stat bar. Above that is a horizontal line Odd can move on. Above that is the rest of the screen, which contains the hornets. The lower bar indicates the number of remaining hits you have left, with the default being 3. It also indicates the firing energy, which is expended to fire and reloads; time bonus, and level. A panel in the upper right corner indicates points. The object of the game is to shoot the hornets without getting shot.

The first 3 levels take place in the Desert Sector, next 3 Forest Sector, next 3 Mountain Sector, and last 3 in the Ice Sector.

Information can be found here: and the game here: