Blok's Freeze Beam
The Freeze Ray is one of the weapons employed by Bloks. If a Lyoko Warrior is struck by it, he/she will be encased in ice, but not necessarily entirely, and loses 50 life points. Unless there is something to break the ice, this effect remains for 3 minutes.

There are two ways the ray may be fired; where the victim is covered completely (Ulrich in Killer Music) or just the victim's limbs to insure they cannot run away, (Aelita in Distant Memory).

This ability also exists in the games, but with different effects. It exists in Get Ready to Virtualize and Quest for Infinity, but the effect only lasts for 2 seconds in both games. It lasts roughly 30 seconds in Fall of X.A.N.A.. In addition to the standard Freeze Ray found in normal blocks, both games also have specialized blocks that only use this weapon. The ability also exists in the Code Lyoko: Social Game.

If the entity hit has 50 or less life points, they are simply devirtualized, but this only happened once, to Ulrich. The freeze ray has been known to accidentally freeze other monsters, which happened once in The Secret when one Blok trying to hit flying Odd accidentally froze antother Blok.


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