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The France 3 Game, AKA Jeu France 3 was a browser game set in Season 1 of Code Lyoko. It was published by France Télévisions. It was built on the Macromedia Shockwave platform.


The plot of the game is the player either being Yumi Ishiyama, Odd Della Robbia, or Ulrich Stern; having to find Aelita Schaeffer on Lyoko; and taking her to a Tower.


Unless otherwise specified, the controls are a standard directional key system.


Within the game, you have a finite time limit to locate Aelita and get her to the tower. This is complicated by the fact that the levels are mazes. The time limit is interfered with by various orbs you can find in the environment. The teal orbs give you a 3 second bonus, the pinks give a 5 second bonus, and the reds give a 3 second penalty. The black ones temporarily invert the left and right keys. There is a vector-art square pyramid at the top of the screen which can be used to zero in on an objective. The 3 levels are set on the Desert Sector, Mountain Sector, and Ice Sector.

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  • "Internet Explorer is recommended, and Macromedia Shockwave is required. While it is theoretically possible to make it work in Firefox or Chrome, it's just too hard."