Flying Mines are bombs that Mantas can deploy. When they detonate, they explode into horizontally expanding rings of white light.


Mantas can use these to create minefields that serve as effective blockades. In Cold War, three Mantas dropped hundreds of mines in the Ice Sector to stop Odd and Aelita from reaching the activated tower. However, a Manta has collided with a mine, causing the entire minefield to backfire. The detonation of one mine has caused a chain reaction that destroyed the rest.

The mines themselves can pursue targets when launched, like homing missiles that can match the speed of Ulrich's Overbike. In Déjà Vu, Ulrich lured the mines to explode on the Scyphozoa, showing that they can also be used against monsters.

In William Returns, it is shown that even William's Black Manta can deploy mines.

In Obstinacy, Mantas are revealed to be capable of using mines in the Digital Sea.


Seasons 2-4

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