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False Pretenses is the twenty-first episode of Code Lyoko Evolution and the overall one hundred and sixteenth episode of Code Lyoko.


While Jeremie and Laura work on the virus, Aelita confides in Yumi about her still feeling down in the dumps about her mother, waiting expectantly at her computer for a message to arrive, but nothing does. Yumi suggests they have a girl's day out: take a walk to no place in general, laugh like idiots, talk about boys, go to boutiques, and go window shopping without buying anything. Aelita seems excited at the idea and agrees, but they run into Sissi on the way out, who decides of her own accord to come with them.

X.A.N.A. then launches an attack. Jeremie calls the others, but Aelita and Yumi cannot shake Sissi off. Yumi heads off on her own while Aelita leads Sissi around the school, pretending to look for Jeremie.

Odd, Ulrich and William run into Laura at the entrance to the tunnel, but William seems suspicious. That is when they receive a call from Laura, who is with Jeremie in the lab. The one they are looking at is a spectre. Ulrich and Odd run while William tries to hold it off. However, the spectre goes straight after the boys with codes, leaving William alone.

Ulrich then runs into Yumi in the park, but realizes she is actually a spectre. He calls Jeremie and alerts him to the Polymorphic Clone. As Jeremie hangs up, Yumi arrives in the lab. Everyone in the lab get suspicious, but Yumi simply agrees that yes, she now came to steal Laura, William and Jeremie's codes. The two pick up on the sarcasm and send her in to Lyoko with William. They head for the activated tower in the Desert Sector.

Back at the school, Aelita is still leading Sissi around, but the latter is not very pleased about it, as she only wanted to go shopping.

Three Krabs stop William and Yumi from reaching the tower. Yumi smells a trap, and decides to take a detour while William distracts the monsters. But it doesn't work; the Krabs follow Yumi and William is held back by a fourth, hidden Krab.

Ulrich arrives in the lab, but Jeremie and Laura are not sure it is really him. They ask him a personal question, which he reluctantly answers. It's the real Ulrich, and he's sent to help the others on Lyoko.

The Krab is defeated, and Ulrich arrives on the scene. Yumi approaches him, surprised at how fast he got there. He then draws his sabers and devirtualizes her, then going after William. The real Ulrich was indeed virtualized, but X.A.N.A. created a clone of him on Lyoko. William takes care of it, and the real Ulrich shows up. William gets ready to go on the attack, forcing Ulrich to prove it's really him, which he does by insulting William.

That's when Odd arrives in the lab, and he too has to answer a personal question. Proven to be the real Odd, he is sent to Lyoko. When he arrives, he, Ulrich and William have a stand-off: Ulrich has proven himself to be the real one, but what about Odd, and William too?

Meanwhile, Aelita and Sissi are sitting in Aelita's room. Aelita is hair-spraying a pink wig while Sissi looks on.

Yumi is in the dorms, seemingly searching for someone. She then notices a pink-haired girl in the corridor, and recognizes it as Aelita, from behind. Yumi approaches her while her eyes shine with the Eye of X.A.N.A. proving that it is the spectre. The girl suspects nothing as the Yumi spectre approaches. The creature clamps her hand onto her shoulder to steal her codes, but the girl turns behind and it is not Aelita but Sissi dressed up as her, and wonders what Yumi wants from her. This makes the spectre Yumi confused and it opens its mouth and screams, storming off down the hallway while Sissi faints.

Another Odd appears on Lyoko. He insists that deactivating the tower is the only way to stop the nonsense, but the other three suspect that it might be a trick, stopping him from going into the tower. The two Odds aim at each other, arguing about who is telling the truth. Suddenly, they start attacking. Ulrich and William concentrate on one of the Odds, and Ulrich and one of the Odds are devirtualised in the confusion. Odd and William team up to get rid of the Krabs.

Aelita and Yumi run into each other in the forest, wondering if they are who they say they are. Ulrich then appears too. They agree that asking personal questions is the right thing to do, and they start to do just that. Some rather embarrassing events are revealed.

With the Krabs defeated, Odd prepares to go into the tower, but another Odd and another William appear in front of them. The four ask each other personal questions to try and figure out who is who, but it's a long and tedious process. Remembering something he and Odd discussed earlier, Jeremie launches a program that causes the clones to glow. The real Odd and William immediately devirtualize their doubles, and Odd enters the tower.

It's Ulrich's turn to ask a question. He turns to Yumi, "What is the name of the person you love?" Yumi and Aelita give each other looks before stepping away from Ulrich. Ulrich seems confused, so Yumi explains: "The real Ulrich would never ask me that question..." The eye of X.A.N.A. shines in the Ulrich's eyes, and it moves towards the girls. Odd deactivates the tower and a return to the past is launched.

Aelita and Yumi are once again stopped by Sissi, asking if she can come shopping with them. Yumi is a little uneasy about it but Aelita is happy to have her come along. The three girls leave the school together.



  • The original French name for this episode is Faux semblants.
  • Jeremie theorizes the spectre on Earth can either change shape, or that there is more than one. It is never actually revealed which theory is correct.
    • The fact that only one spectre is seen being destroyed at the end indicates there was only one, yet Odd's claims that he had "Laura snapping at his heels" even after the Yumi spectre is seen implies there were two.
  • This is the third episode in the series beginning with the word "false"; the others being False Start and False Lead.
  • This episode marks the second and final appearance of Sissi in Season 5.
  • Sissi helps the Lyoko Warriors by impersonating Aelita in this episode. She previously did so by impersonating Yumi in Missing Link.
  • Only Evolution episode with references to Yumi's brother, Pencak Silat, Jeanne, Azra, Lola, Heidi, or Emily.
  • This is the only episode in which X.A.N.A. creates a spectre of Laura.
  • This is the second and final time that spectres are seen on Lyoko.
  • The Ulrich spectre on Earth is able to hide his glowing eyes during his encounter with Aelita and Yumi, only revealing them after he is discovered. This implies all spectres can choose to hide their eyes if they wish, but choose not to in most other cases for reasons unknown.
  • Aelita apparently owns pink hair spray.


  • A Lyoko Warrior being devirtualized looks completely different from a monster imploding, as does the first Odd impostor. Yet William somehow fails to notice this detail and is still unsure whether he got the right Odd.