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This page is for the real world elevator. For the one on Lyoko, go to Elevator.

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The Factory Lift is used to access the lower levels of the Factory, specifically the Lab and the Scanner Room, from the factory floor. You can only use it if you punch in an access code into a pad in the lift (best trick is to use the "four corners" technique). It has a small hatch at the top which can be used to escape the lift in case of an emergency.

The lift shaft descends quite a lot further than the Scanner Room and Supercomputer Room. There is a ladder in the shaft for emergency usage, and various vents along the side of the shaft that Team Lyoko have used in the past. As seen in The Trap, the Seine flows right by the factory lift's shaft.

The elevator can also be shut off via the Supercomputer but it only lasts for 5-6 minutes. Jeremie has used this several times in order to keep X.A.N.A.-possessed people at bay.

X.A.N.A. used the Factory Lift in The Trap to trap Yumi, Ulrich and Sissi by damaging the elevator causing it to fall down the shaft and filling it with the water. Before it was fully flooded, Yumi managed to escape from the elevator and climb the latter back up to the Lab. Before they both drowned, the tower was deactivated and a Return to the Past saved Ulrich and Sissi. In Double Trouble, Jeremie Clone threw the real Jeremie into the empty shaft to kill him but he managed to survive the fall. In A Lack of Goodwill, a X.A.N.A. possessed William uses the Factory Lift in order to get into the Supercomputer Room and possibly shut off the Supercomputer by destroying it. Jeremie stopped him before he could do any serious damage.

The security code in Code Lyoko Evolution is 1506, which is Marin Lafitte's birthday.

Decks reached by the lift[]

0. Factory Floor
1. Lab
2. Scanner Room
3. Supercomputer Room

Seasons 1-4[]