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The Factory Interface is the computer in the Lab. It is the central access to the supercomputer and the place where Jeremie spends most of his time during missions.

The interface also has been a key target for X.A.N.A.. It is where he sometimes infects the supercomputer with viruses to sabotage programs or cause problems on Lyoko.

It was attacked and critically damaged by one of X.A.N.A.'s first robots in The Robots. Jeremie and Odd had to repair it for the mission.

The primary font used by it is Aurebesh. It is also where Aelita and Jeremie first met.

The interface's keyboard seem to be extremely sensitive, as hitting the wrong key(s) when entering commands can cause drastic errors in the data, thus affecting Lyoko and possibly anyone who is currently virtualized. Such errors can take a long time to fix.

Secondary Features[]

Television Access[]

The factory interface can also access live feeds from local unencrypted television. This was seen in "Seeing is Believing", "Holiday in the Fog", "Big Bug", "Killer Music", "Cold War", "Is Anybody Out There?", and "Hot Shower".


Prequel and Seasons 1-3[]

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