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Espionage is the twentieth episode of Code Lyoko Evolution and the overall one hundred and fifteenth episode of Code Lyoko.


Jeremie creates a program to hack Tyron's surveillance network, with the aim of trying to establish contact with Aelita's mother. The gang goes to the Cortex to use the program, but are stopped by an unforeseen security system and Ninjas. Everyone but Aelita is devirtualized, having found a safe spot below the platform with the screen that made her undetectable to both ninjas and the spikes protruding from the wall.

Jeremie wants to bring her back in, but Aelita insists she stay, as the program did work in part: Aelita can hear sound from Tyron's lab, but the signal does not reach Jeremie's lab. Aelita convinces Jeremie to let her stay, secretly spying on Tyron through the camera.

To justify her absence at the school, Jeremie creates a very rushed and imperfect digital clone of Aelita that poses even more problems for them. Odd and Ulrich are put in charge of the clone, which due to being fastly created cannot speak.

In the Cortex, Aelita has a nightmare about her mother saying she doesn't want to see her ever again. She and Jeremie talk about it, but Aelita insists on staying, at least until gym class.

Ulrich and Odd constantly have to make up excuses for the speechless clone, which doesn't respond in class or take notes. Odd pretends to be seriously ill so they can get out of the classroom. Laura later approaches it and asks how Odd is feeling, but the clone says nothing, simply giving her a blank look, making her angry. Ulrich and Jeremie then leave Odd to stay with the clone so they can go to the lab and speak with Aelita.

Aelita begs Jeremie to let her stay even longer, the whole night if necessary. She is truly desperate to see her mother again. In gym class, Jim picks on the clone, making it do a handstand in front of the class. It does a perfect one-handed handstand, but then falls over and lies still on the ground. Odd pretends it was something in the food, then leads it into the forest so Jeremie can get rid of it permanently.

That night, Aelita calls Jeremie. Her mother has appeared. Jeremie races to the factory to activate the sound for her. But Aelita won't have much time before Tyron sends in his Ninjas, so Jeremie warns her to stick to the basics. Aelita climbs on top of the platform and calls to her mother, who is sitting in front of the screen playing with a heart-shaped necklace. She looks up, confused. Aelita repeats her name over and over, saying that she is alive. Tyron enters and demands to know who she is talking to. Aelita continues to repeat her message, but Anthea cannot believe it: her daughter is dead! Aelita briefly explains that Franz saved her by taking her to Lyoko, and finally Anthea understands by combining Aelita's speech together. She whispers her daughter's name in total shock as Tyron turns the video feed off.

A Ninja appears behind Aelita, but she does not resist. She turns to face it with a stony look on her face, and allows it to devirtualise her.

Aelita walks back to the school with Jeremie. Yumi and Aelita hug each other, and Aelita wonders if her mother got the message. Jeremie assures her that he's positive she did, and Aelita's spirits are rekindled.



  • The original French name for this episode is Espionnage.
  • This episode reveals that Jeremie can now contact virtualized Lyoko Warriors via his phone. In previous seasons, he needed his laptop and the full Lyoko interface running in order to accomplish this.
  • Although implied in previous episodes, this episode confirms that digital clones can change their clothes.
  • Anthea refers to her late husband as "Franz" instead of "Waldo", but "Franz" was indeed his middle name, so he might have used it among his close ones.


  • It is impossible to fall asleep in the virtual world, as confirmed in False Start. Aelita's nightmare therefore makes no sense.