"Whoa! Moving darts! Cool!"

–Odd's comment his modified laser arrows capabilities.

Enhanced Marksmanship (also refereed to as the "homing effect" or "enhanced targeting") is a highly advanced modification and upgrade that was temporarily added to Yumi's Tessen Fans and Odd's Laser Arrows by the false Franz Hopper in the episode of the same name.

With these noticeable modifications, even one of Odd's arrows was capable of automatically honing in monsters and destroying about two or four Creepers all at once from a distance.

Yumi's Tessen fans were capable of honing in on monsters as well, and were able to strike unexpectedly at different angles each time they were thrown. Also, they were more attracted to lasers, which made them act more effective as makeshift shields than ever before.

After the false Franz Hopper was revealed by Jeremie, these modifications and upgrades was lost to them, and were never explained to Jeremie by either Yumi or Odd.


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