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Throughout the series, Yumi showed Japanese skills and foot juggling and balance to pass obstacles. In the game Quest for Infinity, Balance, also called Enhanced Balance, is an actual in-game skill.

The ability allows you to move across thin beams to reach unexplored areas of sectors. It is also used to get past lasers, through the monsters, and sometimes to move faster. This ability was not found in the DS games, but does appear in the Social Game.



Approach a narrow path, and switch to Yumi by pressing down. Press 'Z' to enter the path. Use the joystick to move along the path, and rotate the main remote to maintain balance. Continue until the path is complete.



Times When Used[]

Season Two

Season Three

Season Four

Season Five: Evolution

Use in other Media[]

Video Games


Training video[]


Code Lyoko - Yumi Training

You can see her ability in this video.