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The Dormitory Building at Kadic Academy is located directly behind the main classroom building. The Dormitory is where most Kadic Academy students live in. There are multiple floors, and each floor has their own communal bathrooms; with one floor having the bathroom for the boys, and the other floor for the girls.

While the floors are stated by Jim to be separated by gender, in practice they are not, with it not remaining consistent in every episode; Thomas Jolivet is shown on the same floor as two minor female characters. It was also established in the episode Just in Time that Odd and Ulrich share a floor with Milly and Tamiya.

It is unknown exactly how many rooms there are, but it seems that there is no shortage of rooms since some students share with others, such as Odd and Ulrich, and some live on their own, like Sissi, Aelita or Jeremie. During some hours of the day access to the dorms is forbidden by staff, like during class time, specifically between 8 AM and 4:30 PM according to Jim in New Order. X.A.N.A. attempts to destroy the dormitories in Just in Time via the earthquake.

Jeremie's Room[]

Jeremy dorm

Jeremie working in his room.

Jeremie's room is located on the second floor of the dormitory building, close to Odd and Ulrich's room. It is often cluttered, mostly with robot or computer parts. It also contains his bed, wardrobe, shelves, a massive computer (with a connection to the Factory supercomputer) which he uses in their fight against X.A.N.A., and a poster of Einstein over Jeremie's bed. Jeremie briefly shares his room with his cousin Patrick in the episode Cousins Once Removed. The Lyoko Warriors often hang out in Jeremie's room. Occasionally, whenever one of the warriors wants to talk to him in private, they meet here.

Odd and Ulrich's Room[]

Ulrich and Odd's dormitory

Ulrich and Odd share a room. Before Odd moves in in X.A.N.A. Awakens it is implied that Ulrich shared this room with another student, but it is unknown who he was. Their room is fairly simple, with just two beds, wardrobes and a desk. There are a number of posters on the walls, including a Pencak Silat poster which hangs over Ulrich's bed. Odd's dog, Kiwi, lives in the bottom drawer of his wardrobe, where Odd hides him from staff. It's unclear who uses which desk. On Ulrich's poster, the flags of Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Japan, Paraguay, the United Kingdom and China can be seen.

Aelita's Room[]

200px-Renaissance 143

Aelita waking up from a nightmare.

During her first few days at Kadic, Aelita stayed with Yumi's family. However, after she was properly enrolled she got her own room in the dormitory building. Aelita's room is on the same floor as Sissi's. It is quite a small room compared to some of the others, with a bed on one side and a wardrobe and desk on the other. Aelita's room isn't seen very often since she spends more time with Jeremie and the others than she does there, once even being caught on the computer in Jeremie's room after bedtime by Jim. It also has a computer that she used to contact her father as seen in Distant Memory. The Lyoko Warriors periodically hang out in this room.

Sissi's Room[]

250px-Saint Valentin 026

Sissi hanging with Ulrich in her room.

Sissi has her own room at the Kadic Academy dormitories. Her room is first seen in Teddygozilla when she is getting ready for the dance. Her room is also seen in episodes like Log Book, A Great Day, and Saint Valentine's Day. In Log Book, Yumi finds Sissi's diary hidden in a teddy bear. It contains a bed, various posters, a computer, a pink circular rug next to her bed, a closet full of designer clothes, and a dressing table with a vanity mirror and lots of cosmetics and make-up supplies. There is a pillow on her bed shaped like a heart with arms; it is where she keeps her diary, as shown in Log Book.

William's Room[]

William dorm

William Clone talking with Milly and Tamiya in A Lack of Goodwill.

Ever since William's arrival at Kadic in New Order, his room was not seen at all until it made its first appearance in Dog Day Afternoon. It made another appearance in A Lack of Goodwill. In the episode Fight to the Finish, it is shown that William's room is very close to Jeremie's. The room is very messy, much like a typical teenage boy's room. He has a computer; and, surprisingly, some paint, a canvas stand, and a guitar deducing him to be a painter and guitarist. William does not share his room with any other student. His room was also used by his clone upon his disappearance.


Milly and Tamiya both share a room together, which is seen only twice in the series (Teddygozilla and Just in Time). Jim also has his own room, located on the ground floor of the dormitory building, the walls of which are seen to be covered in posters of famous athletes. Additionally, there is a punching bag, boxing gloves, various weights and barbells, and a boom box. Jim can be seen working out in his dorm room in the episode Rock Bottom?.


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