"The Digital Sea is a part of the network. It's a kind of overflow that operates through a flood gate. X.A.N.A. uses this flood gate to attack us on Lyoko, and the Skid will use the very same gate to get us out."

–Aelita explaining the Digital Sea to her friends in Maiden Voyage.

The Digital Sea, originally called the Digital Void, is a liquid sea that resides below all of the 4 main sectors and is how the Lyoko program portrays the supercomputer's DOS or DOS's quantum computer equivalent. Aelita uses this to her advantage by dropping monsters into the Void using her Creativity. When anything that falls into the Sea that can be deleted by the network goes into the Void, a blue-white column of light emerges from it and all of the data is swept away in the digital tide. It is the most forbidden place in Lyoko due to the deletion it causes. If something enters the sea that doesn't delete on contact, such as Franz Hopper's virtual form or X.A.N.A. William, a giant column of the Digital Sea's surface rises up a second after the object disappears under the surface, which can be used as a telltale sign between submersion and deletion.

The Lyoko Warriors can access the World Network using a submarine-like machine called the Skidbladnir. The first time the group went to the World Network was in the episode Maiden Voyage. The World Network is represented as a sea of information, with multiple hubs and other buildings.

The Digital Sea is Lyoko's portrayal of the Internet, as the Internet was needed to create Lyoko. Lyoko shows the Internet as an actual sea to signify that all life needs water. Though its actual properties are quite the opposite. If someone falls into the Digital Sea, their data is swept away in the "digital tide" into many millions of binary digits in multiple random directions and would be next to impossible to collect all their data back, recompile, and reconstruct both their physical and mental bodies. In some instances, X.A.N.A. used this to his advantage in Tidal Wave when he managed to flood Lyoko in order to protect his activated tower, prevent anyone from reaching Sector Five and to keep anyone else from entering Lyoko until the problem was fixed. In Rock Bottom?, Aelita mentioned that Lyoko is constantly changing its position and access points in the network leading to believe that different parts of the Digital Sea flow into Lyoko, or that Lyoko as a whole is slowly drifting in the Network.

So far, there have been only two known incidents of a person falling into the Digital Sea. Yumi fell into the Void in Cruel Dilemma after trying to save Aelita from a Megatank's laser. Fortunately, Jeremie was able to use the one-shot materialization program that Odd accidentally completed by dropping candy on Jeremie's keyboard to save Yumi and bring her back to Earth. It is unknown if Jeremie's current version of the materialization program would be capable of performing a similar rescue, but seeing how it wasn't ever used for such a thing, it can be assumed that it cannot. Aelita was thrown into the Digital Sea by X.A.N.A. William in Distant Memory, and she was deleted. However, she was saved and brought back up to the surface by her father, Franz Hopper. Nevertheless, the Lyoko Warriors continue to avoid falling into the Digital Sea at all costs.

Lyoko and the Replikas are found within the world network. The Lyoko Warriors can return to Lyoko or enter one of the Replikas by opening the floodgate at the bottom of the Virtual World Shell, a floodgate that connects the Digital Sea inside Lyoko and Replikas to the overall Digital Sea, which opens a pathway for the Skidbladnir to enter the sphere-shaped world.

All of the Replikas, including the Cortex, have a sea and floodgate. The Cortex's floodgate uses a different locking matrix. The Volcano Replika had a sea similar to lava in appearance, though this is non-canon.

There are various Hubs in the Digital Sea that Aelita can guide the Skidbladnir into to teleport to other Hubs once Jeremie has entered the coordinates for them. They are often used when the Lyoko Warriors need quick transportation to different places, usually X.A.N.A.'s Replikas of Lyoko. The Digital Sea also becomes red when a X.A.N.A. monster or something unidentified (e.g. the X.A.N.A. Destruction Program) enters it, though its surface does not become red.

In Evolution, the entire Digital Sea glows reddish-orange instead of simply red whenever X.A.N.A.'s monsters are nearby. 


Season One

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Code Lyoko Evolution (Season Five)

Monsters Seen

In Code Lyoko: Quest for Infinity

As seen in the show, the Digital Sea is normally the lethal means of accessing the Replikas. Usually, the player must use a Nav Skid for some reason. Half of the action is attacking monsters, and the other half is dodging Network Access Point tubing. Sharks, Kalamars, and Kongres are all equally common.

It follows the "Color-Coded For Your Convenience" system for red and blue.


Wii Version

The Wii remote is used to navigate the Digital Sea. To fire torpedos, hold 'B', move the cursor to the target, and release. It's the same general interface as Yumi's fans.


  • The appearance of Lyoko's Digital Sea changed between Seasons 2-3. In the first two seasons, it was more flat and pixelized in appearance, and the Mountain Sector's Digital Sea wasn't visible due to the fog. As of Season 3, however, it was changed to look more watery like an actual liquid and it has waves as well. The reason for this change is unknown.


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