Digital genetic code is the virtual analog of DNA. Little of its function is revealed on the show, but it is known that all the members of the Lyoko Warriors have it while on Lyoko.

Digital genetic code and DNA can apparently be converted into each other using a scanner. The Materialization programs and Devirtualization programs/phenomena do this. Jeremie once materialized one of Aelita's hairs in an early experiment, in the episode Just in Time, and later used the same hair to restore her after she was deleted. This seems to imply that, like DNA, digital genetic code specifies the form of a virtual being.

A graphic that looks rather like DNA can often be seen on Jeremie's screen in the lab; it is possible that this is a representation of digital genetic code. It is in the shape of a triple helix; not a double helix like normal DNA.

In Missing Link, the Scyphozoa stole Yumi's genetic code from her virtual structure, which meant that she could be dead in both worlds if she lost her life points.

They are also called "Digital DNA". The Supercomputer has a dedicated program to look for Digital DNA: the DNA Location Program.

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