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Diego Mestanza.

Diego Mestanza (born July 4th, 1993) is a male actor who plays the William-related roles in Code Lyoko Evolution. He is most famous for his Code Lyoko-related work, and for staring as Pablo in the movie, Cowboy Angels, which was directed by his mother, Kim Massee.

He can sing, and has been in a musical. He plays basketball, soccer, tennis, baseball, and American football. He has some basic rap ability.

Roles Portrayed[]

Role Form Seasons
William Dunbar Live Action Evolution
William Clone Live Action Evolution
William Dunbar French Voice Evolution
William Clone French Voice Evolution

Noteworthy Non-Code Lyoko Work[]

  • MUSICAL DEAL, a French musical of unknown content.
  • Balibalo
  • Cowboy Angels
  • Fanily
  • Silence

Pictures of Roles[]

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